Technology blues

Adios to my Dell Desktop Computer

My desktop PC has crashed and burned. The “blue screen” of death appeared with a sneer and took away my companion. I had many things backed up and those that were not, flash by in my mind’s eye when I am trying to locate something. “Oh yes,” I say out loud, “it was on my pc in the I AM AMAZING folder.

I am reduced to a slow-moving laptop that is giving me advance notice that it will soon be departing. So, I am backing up my laptop as well.

I have been spoiled to have a desktop and laptop and I used them regularly. I am sort of lost with only having one at my disposal and perhaps, none in the near future. It’s my connection via email, Skype, Oovoo, blogs, Chromecast, Dropbox and on and on.

Does anyone remember when nobody had a computer in their home.?

Do you remember your first computer? Wasn’t it remarkable? The fact that we could dial-up a phone number and connect via the telephone line was amazing. Now that is so outdated and slow.

Our devices have gotten smaller and faster and more mobile. We can connect on the move.

And then I think back to when the telephone in the kitchen was the only device that mattered. When the EXTRA long phone cord was created, I felt liberated! I could drag it to the other side of the room and whisper in privacy!

The first phone recorder machine I remember having was in the mid 1980’s. It was as large as a toaster oven and it gave us freedom to leave and not miss any important calls. And now, our phones and computers can fit in our pockets and can be answered EVERY minute of the day. Our phone is our camera, photo album, email, calculator, radio, jukebox, clock, notebook, game center, pedometer, weather channel, book, newspaper, GPS, classroom, compass, and calendar. In backyard chairessence, our phone has become a lifeline to almost everything we connect to or with.
So, back to the crash of my pc. Bummer. Sad. Boo Hoo.

Ok, so that means I HAVE to out and play. Work in my garden, smell my flowers, rake some leaves, take a walk, admire the scenery, breathe in lilac smells.  So – ok, maybe it’s not all bad, right?

Hope you’re enjoying every minute of this glorious day – Hugs to one and all.


Marge Katherine

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My ‘MacBookPro’ Learning Curve is Sky HIGH!

MacBook Pro at the desktop.
Image via Wikipedia

Ok, so this is the deal. I have this job where staff and faculty come to me for answers. Some of these people use a Mac and want help. I don’t use a Mac … sooooo.

The learning curve I’m on right now is STEEP! The thing that’s kicking my butt is learning how to use a Mac from scratch. I have a MacBook Pro and there are some things I need help with.

1. After I take photos, I take my chip out of the camera and slip it into the left side of this laptop… but then nothing happens. With Dell laptop, a folder pops up and I can copy my photos from the chip to the desktop. Can you help me?

2. When I want to erase what I just wrote, I can only use the delete key and it erases from the right to the left. Using my Dell, I can put my cursor in front of the word and delete the letters, words, sentences from the right and left. Am I just missing something?

3. Where are my folders? I am lost!

4. Is there a way to return to the desktop immediately? On my Dell, I can use the Windows icon and the letter D to return right away.

5. When I’m in MacWord, the font is so tiny – how do I increase the size for my viewing pleasure?

6. The edge of the laptop rubs against my wrists – they have burn like marks on them. UGH! Any suggestions?

Know where I can turn for help?

I found IPhotos which is the folder that houses pictures. Yippee!
I know how to Open, Close and Minimize windows.
I know how to find the clock and set my local weather.
And I know I have so much more to learn!

Feel free to answer any questions that I’ve listed above!