Going Blind Reading Blogs?

I’m not sure about you but for some STRANGE reason… the font on webpages and blogs seem to be getting smaller. I wear glasses and yet, the ability to read various blogs and websites taxes my eyes. Know what I mean?

We can all use the magic keyboard shortcut (Click on Ctrl+) to make the page bigger and bigger each time you click on the + (plus sign) and the Ctrl – to make the screen smaller.

The main question is why. Why are the fonts so tiny? Who decides? And worse yet, gray font on black background is tedious. I just click away, don’t you?

There are rules about using white space, larger fonts and proper colors. Social Triggers offers open space and a clean look. It makes you want to dig deeper and look around, doesn’t it?

Life Hacker is another site I enjoy because you can see many topics in a clean and open space.

Anyone who is curious about how their blog or website looks only has to ask. Ask a colleague, a spouse or your child. Get feedback and then apply what you’ve learned. Get rid of some of the obnoxious ads, tracking devices, loud colors and faint fonts and push away from your keyboard.

Firefox 3 view menu, annotated with keyboard s...
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After a short while, return and look at your main page. Would your boss have a hard time reading it? How about your Nana?

Have some insight, employ some empathy and deploy some design techniques.

We all want to play in the same sandbox and as the creator of your blog, you have the final say on how it looks. Play nice and make us smile, ok?


Don’t miss a word of this!

Do you find yourself learning toward the computer screen so you can read the font?

Well, today that stops!

If you can’t read the screen – press CTRL and + (found at the top of your keyboard, next to the backspace key). In fact, press these a few times and the words will literally JUMP out at you!

Too big? If so, click on CTRL and – (one key over) to make the font smaller.

Now, put those readers away, sit up tall and wipe that grin off your face – you’ve got some reading to do!

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