Listen to this #8: Gifts from the WWW

Yesterday I shared the gift of iTunesU with you.

Today I plan to take you back to iTunes and into the iTunes Store to locate podcasts.

Podcasts are like listening to radio shows except 1) you can select from hundreds of programs, 2) you can listen according to your schedule; 3) you can listen to stories, educational topics, financial advice, comedy, technology, religion and on and on.

To locate the podcasts on iTunes – first download iTunes onto your computer or device.

Once you have iTunes open, select iTunes Store (located on left side of screen). Once the Store is open, look at the banner across the top and select Podcasts.

The categories list will be located on the right of the screen. You can spend hours deciding,listening and learning.  Once you find something that ‘speaks’ to you, click on the image.

To tune in and listen to decide whether to subscribe or not, just click on the number before the title. It will start and you can get an idea of the voices, personalities and topics. If you love the station and want to subscribe, just click the Subscribe Free button on the far left.

podcast info

podcast subscribe

Once you subscribe, it will download to your pc or other devices.


This one is really fun, I hope you like it as much as I do!


The Web is my Oyster …

Podcast or podcasting icon Français : Icône po...

The web is my oyster. It’s jam-packed with ideas, colors, suggestions, education, lessons, movies, art, colors, videos, music and so much more. has a wide range entertainment including television shows, movies, and documentaries. For instance, you can view an 88 minute movie titled The Future of Food (2007) and get an education that you’d never get in a book. This Hulu movie is ad-supported but you can mute the commercials or subscribe to HuluPlus for a more robust package.

At, you can watch and listen to a wide range of speakers talk about education, technology, art, entertainment and most everything else. The speakers are engaging and the end result is memorable., (the back story to great radio storytelling) is a bi-weekly podcast on radio storytelling produced by Rob Rosenthal for the Public Radio Exchange ( Also, I love to listen to eTown, a weekly radio broadcast heard from coast to coast on NPR, public and commercial stations. Every eTown show is taped in front of a live audience and the website has a list of podcasts. Local productions can be so much fun!iTunes podcast

Login to iTunes and at the top click on Podcasts or iTunesU and go to places that you will never want to leave. If you select Audio Podcasts, go into All Categories and select something an area that ‘speaks’ to you. Whether you are interested in art, business, education, health, religion or any of the others… you will be there forever and a day.

If you select iTunesU, you can visit universities, colleges, K-12, or go beyond campus. Universities and colleges across the world have put up lectures, seminars, courses and podcasts for you to listen to and learn. You can take a class at Harvard or Yale and decide if that is where you want to study. Or maybe you can follow a professor at Truckee Meadows Community College and explore world religions or marketing. You can use the information here to help you decide what comes next.

If you prefer to NOT use iTunes, go into a search engine and enter “free podcasts” and then have fun making a selection. You must plan to visit… oh my! Life long learning, college courses, science, math, engineering, languages … it’s all there!

Still not sure where to spend your time … then visit the Smithsonian Museum or check out this page that has a list of online art and museums.

library booksAnother place to get free materials is at your local library. You can get audio books, dvds, read journals and magazines as well as borrow music cds. Many libraries have online downloads where you can check out an audio or online book and download it to your computer.

The lessons, materials, educators, information and data are all there – online, free and waiting for us to tap into it. Wherever your passions lie, I am convinced there are websites and free resources that exist that will teach you even more.

Where do you go to learn? Share, share!

Internet Goodie #3: Podcasts

The logo used by Apple to represent Podcasting
Podcasting logo used by Apple via Wikipedia

Welcome to the world of Podcasts!

A podcast is an audio (or video) file that can be easily downloaded from the internet.  Are you passionate about photography? Want to learn some history? Care to drop into a college level psychology class and listen to the lesson?  If so, there’s a podcast (plus hundreds more) for you!

Podcasting is a delightful alternative to everyday radio. With podcasting, you can select what you want to hear and tune in. Podcasts can be automatically downloaded to your computer and synced to your MP3 player.  You can listen to podcasts on your computer by using Window Media Player, Quicktime or iTunes. You can also download them to a portable listening device like an iPod or mobile MP3 player.

Once you locate a podcast that intrigues you can elect listen to it on your computer (also known as streaming) or you can subscribe (for free) and you’ll get commercial-free listening.  For those podcasts that do have advertising, they’re low key and kept to a minimum.

As you may have guessed, iTunes leads the way in podcasting.  They have thousands of podcasts that can be downloaded to your computer or iPod.  To find podcasts that appeal to you, search by subject or popularity.  To make the most of your travel, exercise or listening time – check out iTunes U. Universities and colleges across the world strive to be included on this site where their seminars and classes are recorded and shared with the rest of the world… for FREE. (You must download iTunes to your computer first.)

Don’t stop with iTunes though. The internet has a vast selection of material for you. When you search, enter your topic + podcast for example “car restoration + podcast” and you’ll have a wide variety of links to satisfy your listening pleasure.  Most times you’ll have the option to PLAY or Download. Play a few shows before you download to determine if you like the content, information and the voices of the people on the other end.

Already listen to podcasts? I’d be interested to know what you’re listening to … Care to share?


Below are some podcasts that I plan to bookmark.


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