Que Pasa? Want to learn a language?

If you are learning a language or want to learn a language or just want to brush up on a language, there is a list of Beginners’ Courses available in French, Spanish, German and Italian. Check out the BBC website.

The website has weekly email tips to help you along as you learn.

The website  has a Phrases of the Day, Tips and Stories, Foreign Language TV and more.

It has a list of essential phrases in 36 languages. It is the language friend you’ve been looking for to practice, practice, practice!

What a gift from the BBC…

Or perhaps BBC isn’t what you need? In The Web Way to Learn a Language, you learn about some websites that charge you money but what they offer might work better than the BBC/Language website. Or maybe not!

Let me know what works best for you so I can let others know too!

— Marge