Internet Goodie #5 – Travel Tips

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There was a time whenever we wanted to take a trip we had to go to a travel agent and let someone else schedule our vacation. However, things have changed and now the entire planning is on our shoulders. That’s not a bad thing because when you do the planning – you own it!

Travel sites like Kayak and Travelocity allow you to book your flight, hotel and transportation from a wide range of choices. As you check these sites and compare prices and schedules, be sure to visit Southwest Air and JetBlue since their flights only show up on their websites.

Want to book a hotel? Go to Hotels Cheap to find some better than great deals. They guarantee the lowest online rate possible so they are worth checking out. Last Minute Travel is a great place to find an amazing deal on luxury hotels.

Before you book a hotel, go to Trip Advisor and read what others have to say about their stay. Many people are happy to record their experiences when they stay at hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and other lodgings. Their advice may help you discover a new destination! Make time to read this site and learn about places to visit, restaurants to enjoy or avoid and other sage advice from recent travelers.

Lonely Planet has something for everyone including a blog, magazine and newsletter. Their forums discuss local issues that can benefit outsiders and tourists. The website is appealing, inviting and informative.

Looking for an affordable airfare in Europe? Check out Flycheapo. This website offers information about 45 low fare carriers but once you track down the information, you’ll have to visit the airline’s site and book your flight. Fare compare is an international airfare website that researches destinations according you’re your spending limit and time-frame. Over 500 airlines are searched to find the information. It’s all about you …

Are you waiting for a flight to arrive? If so, track their progress in the air (Flight Aware) to determine when they’ll arrive.

Wondering about the weather? Check out and enter the city and select current or weekend weather or plan ahead and go to 5-day or 10-day forecast.



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April Fools Day: Internet Goodie #1

Talking pictures:

The internet is full of priceless videos from Youtube, Daily Motion, Viemo and others where you can locate your favorite songs, listen to college professors, watch someone make a pie, learn how to  paint a house or publish a book. Actually, anything you need to learn or understand can be found somewhere on the web!

Skype and Oovoo are sites that allow you to see who you’re talking to in real time. I always think of Jane Jetson on the Saturday morning cartoons when she sat in front of a computer screen and saw the person she was talking to. That image always stayed with me and now “I am Jane!”

Using Skype, I can call and see my friend in the mountains or my sister in Ireland for free. Last month I downloaded Oovoo and there were 4 family members on my laptop screen all talking away!

Watching videos on Ted is a great way to learn life lessons from people who are reaching out and bringing back new ideas, possibilities and hope. Ted has a wide range of interests including entertainment, technology and science and business. There is something for everyone presented by the most amazing people.

If you go to Hulu you’ll have the ability to watch yesterday’s TV show on your pc.  If you’re traveling or stuck somewhere, it may be a good time to catch up on that mindless program that will help you pass the time.

At Online Video Guide (OVGuide) you’ll get a list of the cream of the crop videos. Why trudge through mud when this site can help you find the finest videos around?


What am I forgetting? Send me more links!


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An April Full of Goodies

Let’s go and explore! The internet has something to offer for everyone. Do you love to hike, cook, travel, craft, paint, quilt or perhaps … dance?

Hang tight because during the month of April, Inside-Out is going to take you to some of the best sites on the World Wide Web.

Do you need to get fit, get smart, get strong or get a job?

Want to play online games (by yourself or with a group), write books, design houses, take courses?

Do you have favorite sites that you frequent and think others might like as well? Let me know …


Time to get out of your ‘search engine’ comfort zone and try something new. This page from RefDesk has a page full of search engines that are divided into types and service. Check it out.

Stop using Google Search and check out these 2 search engines that give back to society every time you use them. Search and Give — sounds good, huh?



RefDesk :

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