The Art of Collecting Stuff

farm implementsThis is a photo of farm implements. This collection has a vast range of items that were once used on a daily basis. If you click on the photo, you’ll see a description of each item! tell you where the item came from and what piece of equipment it’s used on. The time, effort and love that went into this display is amazing!

For me, I love taking pictures. They really only matter to me and that’s just fine. I drag my camera with me wherever I go and I can honestly say I’ve loved it to death. I have duct tape on the bottom and just discovered that the chip I use is chipped! I stick a return address label on it somewhere so when (not IF) it gets, lost – it can be returned to me.

The next photoice cream makers shows a collection of ice cream makers. I was dazzled by this collection because these ice cream makers are all is such great condition. Seeing the wide range of items made me appreciate the ‘art of collecting’.

I collect creamers. My favorites are from Syracuse China and not only do I collect them but I also use them. I don’t suppose a real collector would   do that but since I only have about 8 creamers – I am ok when referred to as an ‘amateur’. If some cross my path and I like the way they look, I’ll buy one or two.

What about you? Do you collect guns? Yarn? Shoes? Stamps? Coins? Figurines? Political buttons?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

Ice cream makers used over the years —
worn down but filled with great memories!

ice cream makerice cream maker
Making ice cream used to be a family affair!
Acme ice cream maker
Acme Ice cream maker from days long gone!