My Coolest Travel Hack (EVER!)

Ice bottle travel hackHere is the best travel hack EVER! I use it all the time yet have never seen it on any travel website. When I travel, it seems I am the only one who knows about it. NOW, that will change and you are free to use it as well.

You can take a bottle of frozen water through security! Yup! Put the bottle of ice in the plastic tub with your shoes. Or in one of those small plates that you toss your keys and coins in. The TSA people want to see your bottle of ice.

Why is this possible? I was told (by a TSA Agent) that explosives can’t freeze. Your bottle of ice is cleared for security. Remember, you can NOT take a bottle of water through security, but you can take a bottle of ice. Cool!  You save money and are rewarded with cold water on your trip! Sweet, right?

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