Ginger Brandy Works Every Time

I had a cold last weekend. It started on Friday night and when I woke on Saturday my voice had disappeared. Gone. Zip. It’s strange not having a voice. It seems that’s when I want to make my phone calls and chat with friends, call the library and sing a song.

lemonBut now that my voice is back and my cough is almost gone and my energy level is almost back to normal, I want to express my joy with wellness. When I have it, I take it for granted. When it’s gone, I miss it dearly.

To deal with my silent voice and deep cough, I drank lots of hot tea, gingerale, lemon, hot water and honey.  My last drink at the end of the night was hot water, lemon, honey and a blast of ginger brandy. Good night world!

Now I’m better. No more brandy (boo hoo) for me.How do you soothe yourself when you’re sick? Any special treatment you’d like to share?