No Comfort Zone Challenge: Kindness Received

Yummy Lemon Meringue pieYesterday someone served me a piece of lemon meringue pie with a birthday candle in it. After she served it, she sang the Happy Birthday song (which I normally detest) but she sang it with the sweetest voice –  it was a genuine act of love. This gesture took me back to another time and place when someone else touched my world for a moment in time.

Years ago my husband and I took a cruise to Alaska. When we made port in Juneau, thousands of people were debarking to visit the city, kayak, take hikes, sight see, take photos, and fly fish and all those other wonderful activities.

Instead of being part of that crowd, we were exiting the ship with my husband on a gurney into a waiting ambulance. In a sea of thousands of people I stood alone. Then I heard a woman with a deep husky voice say to me, “It looks like you need a hug honey” and I was wrapped in an embrace that held me as if I were a wounded child. This hug triggered tears that were lodged in my throat so I could be strong. She told me everything would be ok and I hoped with all my heart that she was right.

The ambulance was waiting for me and the woman let me go and melted into the crowd.

That was the same feeling I received yesterday at the café. As she was singing to me, her kind eyes took me back to Juneau.

This brief moment in time was utterly lovely. It made me realize that we are all connected in ways we can’t imagine. We say kind words and make someone’s day. We acknowledge someone as they enter a room and their life becomes fuller. We sneer and that wounded feeling is remembered years later.

Kindness is easy to give, wonderful to receive and the feeling lasts a lifetime. Those sweet eyes and lovely song made my day.

Have you ever had an encounter like this? What was it like?

We’re off to great places today!

You're off to great places today!Did you know Dr. Seuss had a birthday last week? To celebrate, let’s follow his suggestion and get moving — my mountain is waiting! The only thing missing from this quote is “Dear Marge …”

Off we go!