Autumn Blessings

chaz and sophie in leavresYesterday I wrote about counting my blessings. Well, today I had the most wonderful time with my grandson and sweet little next door neighbor.

It was all about leaves, dirt, Candyland, snacks, sunshine and laughter. It was about making buildings, playing with cars and moving wheelbarrows.

It was a day where I counted my blessings to be part of it. All too quickly, the days turn into years and the innocence of jumping in leaves soon fades away. But for today, the kids let me join in. Could it be any better than this?

No Comfort Zone: Week 22!

I did something really out of my comfort zone this week … I didn’t blog. There were a few times I sat at my computer and put my fingers to the keyboard but then pulled back and walked away. It was strange. I wanted to share and yet I also wanted a bit of silence.

I didn’t want my happiness tied up in the amount of posts I did or did not do. While I wasn’t posting I was taking pictures, fly-fishing, hiking, playing, walking, reading and living in every sense of the word.

The one thing I wasn’t doing this week was blogging. It really was hard. Blogging is something I enjoy – I love the ideas, the flow, the sharing and the engagement. It is fun for me. When it stops making me happy and turns into a job – then I close up the Inside Out Café, put the CLOSED on the door and turn out the lights.

That’s not going to happen today.

Instead, I’m going to continue to do things to take me out of my comfort zone because that’s where growth occurs.  I’ll keep you posted on my out of comfort zone progress.

As for staying happy –  you know that’s a big plus in my book! Below are some people who keep happiness high on their priority list. Talk to you soon!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands and Happiness
What Makes You Happy

Happiness Tingle

Yup, another post about happiness. In a blog post last week,  I invited you to write about happiness and link back to my blog. When I am focused on a topic, I see it everywhere – in my flower garden, books,  quotes and on the back of cereal boxes! If you have a tip, secret or awareness about happiness and care to share, leave a comment below!

Here are a list of words that immediately take me to a good zone. Ready? (Feel free to add your own to this list!)

Taking a hike to Rabbit Mountain in Lyons, CO
Click photo: Lace up your boots and let’s hike!
  • Bask
  • Bliss
  • Dance
  • Engage
  • Dream
  • Move
  • Laugh
  • Learn
  • Travel
  • Read
  • Sing
  • Share
  • Thank
  • Listen
  • Appreciate
  • Blog (of course)

For each of these I can write a full post about how this word brings me a sense of happiness …but that would take the mystery out of it.

What words give you a happiness tingle?

Key to Happiness #1

Three year old singing with his heart and soul on a table in the gazebo!
Three-year old singing with his heart and soul!

My number one source of happiness comes when I am  with my grandson.  We see each other at least once a week and I am enthralled when we are together. He is funny, smart and engaging. I am funny, encouraging and willing to teach as well as learn.

This young person makes me laugh, makes me question “why I do things that way”, offers insight from 36 inches off the floor and remembers everything I say.

In the course of 30 minutes, you can find us playing hide and seek, wearing bandanas and cowboy boots, playing with cars and making towers that we can knock down with pillows.

We have our favorite libraries and playgrounds and we are always open and ready to try one more.

His presence allows me to have a ‘Do Over’ where I can get it right this time. Even though I was from a large family, I still had to learn the art of motherhood as I went along. There are some things I wished I had done differently and with my grandson in my life, I get to apply the wisdom I’ve acquired!

In this photo (umm, yes, I always have my camera ready!) he is singing me some wonderful song as he stands atop the stage (he’s on the picnic table) for the whole world to see. I have a huge grin every time I see this picture. Click the photo to see a larger image.

So many more things to share with you – Hope you liked this one!

Check out the photography that brings Reb happiness at

Happiness: Care to Share?

Do you ever need a kick start to write a post? You want to write something profound but days go by and you’re in a funk.
I’ve been there and it’s a weird place to be. I usually have SO much to say and the longer it takes, the harder it is to find that perfect topic.

How about this?

I invite you to write a post on something that makes you happy.
Whether it’s a person, place, animal, music, book, song, experience, food … You name it. Add photos if you want or make a video or just use your words.

After you write and publish your “Happy” post, let me know and we can link to each other.

Now that I’ve made your day a bit easier, let’s get started.
Oh – and feel free to post about this all week long if the spirit moves you!

After you write your Happiness post- why not send the link to 5 people in your circle who don’t know about your blog? I know that might be a bit out of your comfort zone but it could be your gift to them. That link might make them really happy!

I have tons of things I can write about so keep checking back, ok?

Shall we?

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Were the Good Old Days all fun and games?

Remember ‘the good old days’ when playing outdoors was the entertainment for the entire evening? When you had responsibility for your own happiness?

  • When families gathered together to play bridge, pinochle, poker or board games?
  • Where families sang as they did chores and danced the polka during the Sunday morning Polka Hour?
  • When friends ‘dropped in’ to say hello and left an hour later?
  • When neighbors became moms and watched over your ‘suspicious’ activities?

Entertaining was social, engaging and cost-effective. In my neighborhood we played hide-and-seek, kick the can, tag, kick ball and kept out of the house till the bugs drove us indoors.

In my middle-clasrowboat ride with your dads family we struggled with making ends meet (God, what an understatement!), keeping food on the table, bills paid, car running, insurance paid and other day-to-day issues.

Even with all the struggles, we made memories. Our memories were not centered around electronic devices that became obsolete before they were paid off.  Our memories were created during active play.

Creating memories can be simple and affordable.  Experiences like watching a play, taking a trip to the mountains, playing cards, watching a baseball game, visiting a zoo or something as simple as walking in your neighborhood leads to memories for years to come!

A road trip to a nearby destination is a great way to create a family event that’s affordable and full of memories. Dare to turn off the electronics and turn on your voice? Camp in your backyard? Fly a kite?

How do YOU make memories and create happiness?
Done anything fun that lingers in your memory and makes you smile?

Tip: Avoid any road trip through Utah!

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Where does happiness come from?

Happy baby
Happiness can rub off you!

Where does happiness come from? In the world today with all the ups and downs that we face, we still run into people who radiate happiness. And when we find people like that, we want to be around them because their happiness rubs off. It truly does.

In my opinion, happy people ‘think happy thoughts’ thereby drawing more good things to them.  They are optimistic, have a healthy sense of humor and find the good in each person or opportunity. They listen more than they talk and when they do talk they find a way to express something good about a person or situation.

Happy people feel frustration with some people, just like the rest of us; however, they don’t spend time dwelling on the negative where there are so many good people, opportunities and things in the world.

You may notice happy people draw attention to the everyday things and make them special. They comment on colorful items, notice smells, compliment someone for something trivial and put attention on you. They say ‘thank you’ all the time and mean it!

Most of all, happy people don’t realize their presence. They laugh, smile and are successful in ways that you can’t measure.

Happiness is an attitude. Own it, claim it and live it.

And smile…