The card’s in the mail … or is it?

The first post I read today gave me quite a chuckle and a sigh of relief. I Forgot to Mail Your Card Today, Mary pretty much summed up my life. Like Ruth, I usually buy cards in advance and then get to them shortly before the event. Many times, however, I scratch my head and wonder – did I already send the card? If not, where is it? If so — what was it?

Mailboxes on a dirt road in ColoradoSad to say I’ve had recipients of my lovely cards wax and wane about the humor, beauty or uniqueness of the ‘said’ card as I stand on the other end of the phone wishing we were on Skype and I could get a glimpse of this work of art!

And I have been known to send out a second card with a note inside saying “In my mind I already send a birthday card to you but since I’m not sure if I actually sent it, here is another one filled with love and happiness.”

Not only do I get chuckles, I often get a phone call telling me how wonderful it was to receive two birthday cards from me!

Now, I know with Ruth’s post and my plethora of experiences, that you must have had something like this happen to you too – right? If you can remember it, feel free to post and give us all a chuckle!

I still send out Christmas cards, don’t you?

There comes a time when there are no presents under the tree, no Santa visits and no gathering around the dinner table with generations of family members. What remains are Christmas cards. I love getting them in the mail and hanging them on my cupboards, windows, walls and then saving them for years down the road.

snowman cardI read a blog today asking if anyone still sends out Christmas cards… and I must say that I do.

I always begin with the Aunts (there’s not many of them left) … then I write cards to my siblings and their families. (Mind you if my parents were still alive they would top the list!)

Then I send out cards to my friends.

I must say that I am stingy about which friends get cards but all in all, if they’re in my address book they will probably get one.

What about you? Do you still send out cards? Would you like one from me? Send me your email address and I’ll be sure to write you, get your post address and send one off from me in sunny Colorado to you … wherever that may be.

I hope you take a moment and read the blog that inspired this post:

Does anyone still send Christmas cards?

And today I received this sweet eChristmas card!