Cyberspace Classrooms: A New Reality

Book readers, podcasts, webcams, cell phone texting platforms, chat rooms, webinars, videos, and open source software will be old school techniques when my grandson is in college in 2030. Land based classrooms will not be an option. They will be as obsolete as the rotary telephone I grew up with that tethered me to a… Read More

Online Innovation: Endless Possibilities

Imagine you have a blank canvas in front of you and you can create the ideal online class. You can add any Global Web application you choose, include links to existing material, social networks, videos, podcasts, lectures, art, design, color … endless choices. The canvas would be a work of art, innovation at it’s best,… Read More

OpenCourseWare: OpenYourMindware

OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a “free and open digital publication of high-quality university level educational materials, including syllabi, lecture notes, assignments and exams”   according to the University of California at Irving website.   In other words, OCW is educational material available to learners, students and teachers across the globe… for free.  At MIT, on the… Read More

Baby Face… what will the baby face when’s he’s ready for college?

What will college look like to my grandson? Will he be required to find his building, show up for an 8 am class, try not to yawn, pay $200+ for a dirty, used textbook? Or will he be able to set his alarm for the web conference that he organized and set up as part… Read More