Spring time in Fort Collins, Colorado - April 2014

Expect Snow in April

Spring time in Colorado is about snow.

Spring time in Fort Collins, Colorado - April 2014

It’s the heavy and wet kind of snow that takes down branches that are just beginning to bud.

The state gets most of its snow accumulation during March and April.

Those are the Spring time in Fort Collins, Colorado - April 2014months when people get antsy to declare spring has arrived only to have their tree limbs fall, their tomato plants freeze and their lovely flowers droop with the early planting.

It’s wonderful and cyclical and predictable.

And it’s all ok. Because this little dose of Spring time in Colorado - April 2014winter will turn the lawns green and add some creative contrast to the dull brown colors that cover the area. The browns are leftover mulch, leaves, twigs and branches that have yet to be cleaned.

The snow makes for a lovely canvas that disappears as the sun warms the ground.

The best things about these last few storms is the hope they offer of spring. It’s here … well, almost.

I hope spring is unfolding ever so gently for you in your world as well.

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Internet Goodie #29: April Flowers!

Beautiful flowers

Want to discover the secret to great gardening? If so, then the internet is the place to be. There are a host of websites to show you how to prepare, plant and harvest your crop. How to have large health blossoms, tall sunflowers and double roses. You can learn the best time to plant, what soil to use and how to weed.

Whether you want to learn about container gardening, indoor or organic gardening – the internet has the resources you need for every question you have!

Want to try your hand at organic gardening? Then be prepared for a wide range of information to get you there. Learn how to control slugs, compost and deal with deer and other pests. After your harvest, stay tuned for recipes using your delicious veggies.

Any special sites you already visit that you want to share? Let me know!

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