Day 27 – Time to Goof Off

Well, here I am again. Still exercising and still walking and as you may have guessed… still socializing. It seems when I have friends in my plans, I forget to blog. Earlier this month I spaced out blogging when a longtime friend was passing through my city and she spent the night before heading home. sidwalk

Yesterday it was a lazy evening with a dear friend celebrating good news. Easy conversation, laughter, happy hour, wine and then off for a meal. I can honestly say that at no time last night did I think about blogging. and the best thing is – I know you all understand!

The Write 31 Day Challenge is coming to an end on November 1. Somehow – I don’t know how – the month flew by. It seems like I was just lamenting the loss of September and now October is ending.

As for me, I’ll keep moving – walking, biking and exercising. Will I continue to write? Hmmm. I’m not sure.

Good night for now and I’ll see you tomorrow – Margekatherine

Happy September!

I’ve missed blogging and most of all, I’ve missed you.

Are you wondering what got me back here with my fingers on the keyboard? Well, it was a morning walk with a dear friend – around a lovely lake under the bluest sky I’ve seen in a long time here in Northern Colorado. With each topic that we touched on (and when 2 women are walking and talking about life, books, family, friends, spirituality and all that good stuff — the walk is much too short) she would end with – and you should blog about that. And this. And that.

And so.

We all need motivators in our lives wild flowers 2and I think my friend and I play that role for each other.  When she’s lost and down, I can help raise her energy and refocus on something positive and upbeat. When I’m feeling lost and untethered and I’ve not been blogging for a while, she is right there with a wide range of topics. Oh goodie. Now when I run dry of something to write, I know who to contact!

My list of topics I ‘need’ to cover (according to her) include 1) my move to another city, 2) making friends, 3) finding my way, 4) volunteering and 5) lessons learned. I know there are many more but these are top of mind.

Before I blog about those 5 items, I want to write about friendship. It’s a connection between people who share something unique to them. My friend and I met when I was a young mother, wife, student and waitress. She and I really connected when life threw her a curve and she let others in to help her. I was one of those others.

Within a year, she was in my world helping me deal with a family health issue and she hung in there for ten years as a beacon, confident and shoulder to cry on.

I have friends from all walks of life. The best friends are the ones who accept me for my faults and failures and still want to be with me. Those darlings who see the best of me, the worst of me and continue to stay in my life. They allow me to show my sad side, my scared and insecure side as well as my strong and powerful being.

I’m lucky. I’m blessed. I’m glad to be back.








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Simple Conversation

Today I sat next to a woman who was holding her 18 month-old daughter on her lap. The daughter had just fallen off the bench and her nose was all bloody and she was crying . The woman was trying to soothe her daughter but she was agitated and eager for the service on her car to be finished.

She was really fragile and as we chatted she told me she had no family nearby and her husband worked out of town. It was just her and the baby all day long and she was so homesick. I remember how I felt when I moved to Colorado. I so wanted to be back where everything was familiar. Where I had my long-time friends and where my family was my source of entertainment.

And I remember when our phone was installed and I cried because I had no one to call. Then within a year or two of living here, I had to return to my childhood home and as the car was pulling away, I looked back at my house and felt a pang of homesickness for it and I hadn’t even left.

This woman is focused on what she doesn’t have (her family) and not creating what she needs (new friends) right here and now.

This is the thing:  it takes time, energy and effort to make friends and create a support network. It takes boldness to stand in front of strangers and share your story with them. It takes patience to be available to connect but not appear too needy.

And making friends is about give and take. You can’t share your life story all at once. You can offer some information and then gauge how safe you feel. After sharing, it’s time to listen.  Then share a bit more, then a bit more. I have a feeling you’ve been in her shoes. Moving to a new  place only to realize you have to start all over again with new friends, routines, doctors, services, schools and on and on. It’s hard and scary in an exciting sort of way. And it’s lonely until you make that first friend.

What made us friends in the long ago?

Years ago I bought a card that had a poem on it. I kept the card and memorized the poem. Today I dedicate it to a dear friend as a birthday poem, a friendship poem and words that will hopefully make you and all my readers smile.

hollyhock4All my love to you, Dahling…

What made us friends in the long ago
When we first met?
Well, I think I know.
The best in you and the best in me
Hailed each other because we could see
That always and ever
Since time began,
Our being friends was part of the plan.

George Webster Douglas ~

What made us friends in the long ago?

There is this one poem
That I memorized so many years ago…
It goes like this—

What made us friends in the long ago
When we first met?
Well, I think I know.
The best in you and the best in me
Hailed each other because we could see
That always and ever
Since time began,
Our being friends was part of the plan.

~ George Webster Douglas ~

Beautiful isn’t it?
It’s great to have friends to talk with, laugh and cry with, walk and share with…Know what I mean?

I Lost my Mojo…

I Lost my Mojo….

We’ve all been there at one time or another. We’re enjoying life then something happens and it’s usually 2-3 things at once. We get a speeding ticket, get sick, a friend dies, another gets divorced and it seems as if each incident is a blow to the gut. Bam, Boom, Blam!

What do you do? Talk about it? Cry? Scream (I suggest you do this in a car far from the madding crowd). My blogger friend j9style posted about her missing ‘Mojo’ and has listed some ways to her us all crawl out of that space.

Knowing that the current crisis will pass is a calming thought but one that usually comes after the fact. Know what I’m talking about?

Why not visit her site and spread the love?

Dear Ma…

Dear Ma,

Red hollyhockThanks for doing the best job you could for me.  You didn’t have a role model and you had to figure it out on your own. Looking back now, I understand how well you did.

I’m sure I never gave you credit for all you did well, and all you did right.  And I know I never gave you credit for figuring it all out day by day.

You did a wonderful job and I thank you from this earthly plane.

Love  from daughter #3…