Nippy Irish Festivities in Fort Collins

st patricks day parade-3-15-14-6I went to a St Patty’s Day parade yesterday. The streets were lined with people of all ages, tons of strollers, lots of dogs and everyone was bundled up. When the parade began the sky was clear, as it progressed the wind began to blow and gray clouds covered the sky. There were over 80 entries in this parade so it lasted a very long time. I walked to the beginning so I could see all 80 entries but I was unable to stay for the whole event. I was chilled to the bone.

One troop of dancers that came along was dressed in very short dresses. They didn’t have any leggings on and it was evident they were EXTREMELY cold. As I watched them, I remembered how my legs used to look like that when I walked home from school in my plaid uniform skirt. Whether it was sub-freezing weather, blowing snow or just winter weather … I remember it was brutal.

st patricks day parade-3-15-14-1
Warm and happy to be in the parade!

Arriving at school it took forever for my body to warm up and feel normal again. The return trip home was dreaded just as much. Somewhere along the line, I started to wear long pants under my uniform. It wasn’t cool – in fact, it was pretty dorky but finally my legs were no longer tender to the touch.

I haven’t been that cold in a very long time but seeing those young dancers put me right back in my school years in upstate NY. It was a relief to get home and get warm again!

I is for the Irish in your bonny eyes my dear
R is right for when you’re right, you have no cause to fear
E is for Eileen, my mother’s name I mean and
L is for the love I have for that sweet colleen
A is for the angels who are watching over you
N is never fear, keep smiling through
D is for your daddy’s lesson that I pray will be a blessing

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

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Holding Time Accountable

I like to walk and have made it a point to take a walk outside everyday for the past month. In addition, I jot down where I walked and other notes (how I was feeling,  the view, the weather) on my Google calendar. Now when I look back over the month, I remember those walks as if I were right back there.

The act of writing down this information is a method of holding time accountable. It’s a simple technique that helps bridge the past with the present. The ability to remember events, conversations and activities are easier when they have been recorded.

??????????????????????????????? This past week, in the middle of a cool, crisp, sunny day, I ventured on a new trail. It was right there on the side of the road, so I HAD to check it out. The signage informed me the trial led up and over a ridge so I could see Horsetooth Reservoir but I never made it that far. Instead I walked for about an hour and was enjoying the breeze and the wide open skies and getting to the top of the ridge, until I was rudely interrupted by the distinct sound of a rattle.  I didn’t wait to see the perturbed snake and immediately reversed course and headed back.  My return walk had a bit more pep as the adrenaline kicked in and my path was mostly downhill. Once I left the scene of the rattlesnake, I didn’t feel threatened but I was more focused on what was on my path instead of the view above me.

Having shared my daily walking goals on this blog for the whole world (yes, the whole WORLD) to read is a good incentive for me to keep on keeping on.  The walks help me feel connected in a way that has been missing. And being outside is balm for my soul.

Sending hugs to one and all — MargeKatherine

Drops of water/ice on this gorgeous rose in Fort Collins, CO

Morning Walk: Snow, Breathe, Smile (for the camera)

Walk to Remember

As you may know, I have been focusing on memory issues such as remembering, forgetting, mindfulness, and memory retention as a way to understand my actions lately. I’ve had a string of forgetting moments and last week was another doosey. I’ll post that one next time.

For now – I try to walk daily in new areas as a way to stay awake mentally and keep my brain from going into ‘zone mode.’

This morning, before the sun was up – I was in my yard with a rake knocking snow off bushes, trees, plants and hauling (with all my might) a huge branch that broke during the night.

After a hot cup of tea to warm me up … I patiently waited for the sun to come up so I could walk and take some photos. Now, as I write this at 4 pm the lawns are littered with gold, green and red leaves. The snow is almost all melted. The images I took this morning are all that’s left. Here’s my gift to you…Enjoy!

This gorgeous orange rose was just waiting for me to come along! Fort Collins Colorado
This gorgeous rose was just waiting for me to come along!
Love this pink flower against the backdrop of the evergreen background.
Love this pink flower against the backdrop of the evergreen background.
Acorn sitting in the mist of ivy and fallen leaves
Acorn sitting in the mist of ivy and fallen leaves
The trees have not yet dropped their leaves so the heavy wet snow can be brutal to the branches.
The trees have not yet dropped their leaves so the heavy wet snow can be brutal to the branches.

Colorado on Fire

I’m leaving town today and for the first time ever, I am happy to be leaving Colorado.

Since I live in Northern Colorado the smoke from the High Park fire is ever present. Smoke is in the air, ash floats down, the sky is all white and the sun struggles to peek through but loses time and again.

The High Park fire has burned almost 45,000 arces and is only 10% contained. Our 8% humidity with no rain in the forecast is working against the effort.

It’s nasty and with drought on the horizon and the forests filled with trees already dead due to the pine beetle bug, all is not well.

Not well at all.

I took these photos on Sunday, June 10, 2012.

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