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Crash moments: When everything changes

We’ve all had these ‘crash moments’ in our world. When everything that kept us busy and struggling the night before is gone and something HUGE is on the table. We immediately take stock of our lives and determine what’s most important. The little things fall away. The overcrowded schedules disappear, family meals matter more, communication and honesty are incorporated into conversations again. 

Day 18 – Finding that elusive something

golden aspens

Yesterday was one of those memorable days. Playing with my 7-year-old grandson in the leaves, throwing football, playing chase, losing in Dominoes, reviewing baby pictures … the stuff that turns a solitary day into memories. As the years tick by, our activities change. Our roles change too. When he and I play games we are

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Thanksgiving: A Day Like No Other

In the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the last Thursday of November. That’s less than a week away. Growing up, it was always a favorite time for me because of all the food (turkey is my favorite), my mom made pies (this was a ‘holiday-only’ treat), lots of family gathered and there was

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