If you need a reason to walk … listen up!

It’s spring, the air smells wonderful and it’s time to walk again.

mountain road in colorado
Take a walk, take a hike … and get moving to stay alive!

Sometimes when I walk, I listen to music or podcasts and recently I listened to a podcast from Fat2Fitradio.com. During their show, they mentioned a video on Youtube.com called 23 and ½ hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

After my walk, I went to Fat2FitRadio.com and located the link. It was 9 minutes long and chock full of information about our health, medicine and exercise. It was inspiring to me and I think you may enjoy it too. If you know someone who may benefit from watching this video, send them the link to my blog and invite them to watch, listen and learn…

Let me know …either way what you think of this video, ok?



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No Comfort Zone in Step Motion

This week I plan to get take my hands of the keyboard, push away from my desk and find some stairs to walk.  I work in a building with 84 steps from my floor to the top of my building. Round trip is 168 step. So 3 flights = 504 stairs!

I'd much rather be on this beach in Cinnamon Bay than climbing stairs!
I'd much rather be back on this beach in Cinnamon Bay than climbing stairs!

How about 3 trips per day? Shall we?

Day 1 update: I did one flight up first thing in the morning and realized at 4:15 that I had better get moving and get my next 2 flights in. So I hauled my self out of my comfy work chair and trotted up the steps for a daily total of 504 stairs. The last landing is a burn zone for sure!

Day 2 update: The landing before the last 12 steps kills my thighs! Going down is easy enough but when I go back up — it’s that landing that does me in. Tuesday total 504 stairs. Yum!

Day 3 — I will let you know if the burn lessens today. And for the heck of it, I’ll do my 3 flights and add a building that has 5 floors. That should keep you in suspense! Until tomorrow…

No Stress Cafe!

no stress cafeThis is the time of year to get together and celebrate friends.

An afternoon lunch, a walk, sharing a cup of tea, making cookies…

It’s the season to connect.

It would be ideal if there were no stress involved. No worries about gifts to buy for the kids, family or friends.

It would be totally sweet if we just had weeks and weeks of lunches, breakfast gatherings, some walks, and a few intense hikes.

Or maybe just a couple of tickets to someplace warm, with a beach and sand.

That works too!


What’s not to love about Lent?

Mineral water being poured from a bottle into ...
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As a Catholic child, Lent was a time of year to ‘give up’ something. During the 40 weekdays from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday, we were taught to give up or abstain from worldly pleasures. Now, worldly pleasures for a small kid in a big family is an ambiguous term. So we gave up something we cherished. Again, living in a home with limited treats, no desserts and no allowance, my worldly pleasures were already few. I remember one year I gave up chewing gum and candy and fighting with my siblings. Another time I gave up candy… not too difficult when there’s none in the house.

In my adult years, I’ve embraced Lent as my 6 week New Year’s Resolution. I can do anything for 6 weeks, can’t you?

Walking in the snow
Additional steps for Lent

During Lent, I find ways to improve things about me. Here’s my plan for this year:

  • Steps. Increase steps to 120000 daily (that’s 6 miles of walking.)
  • Fruits/Veggies. Make sure I eat a total of 4 fruits/veggies per day.
  • Water. Up my water consumption by 2 liters — yum!
  • Love. Find ways to give it, grow it, spread it, nurture it, feed it and embrace it.

What’s not to love about Lent?