Valentine’s Day Again? Ugh!

I propose we outlaw Valentine’s Day and replace it with national THANK YOU day.

National Thank You Day roseThis is the one day of the year when you pick up the phone and tell someone “Thank You.”

Thank you for being my mother, father, sister, son, spouse, friend, aunt, boss, neighbor …

Thank you for shoveling my sidewalk.

Thank you for writing that book, it inspired me.

Thank you for organizing these files, for checking in on me, for being a teacher, for volunteering. Thank you.

It’s a day to give to someone else, with no expectation for anything in return. It’s like Thanksgiving Day without the food and travel. It’s genuine, unexpected and totally welcome. It’s a way to connect and express appreciation and love without any guilt.

If you get a “Thank You” phone call, then it’s a bonus day – a day to smile with an understanding that you are part of the bigger whole.

Let’s replace Valentine’s Day with something that gets everyone involved. We all have someone, somewhere who we can thank, right?

And now — I’d like to thank you – for reading this and leaving a comment!

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