Last Chance to visit your local library!

Libraries in cities and towns across the world are changing.

To understand the buzz, you have to go into the library. The computer rooms are filled to capacity, people are milling about,  and the children’s area is alive with chatter, movement and excitement.

Libraries are evolving. Each time there is a change in technology, libraries have to adapt. As a kid, there were books for me to read. As an adult, there were books on cassette. Then the cassettes were replaced by CDs and now I can download them from home to my computer. Shelves of movies on VCR tapes mingle with DVDs.

Now, another big change is on the horizon. Books will slowly be phased out and electronic books (e-books) and readers will replace them.

If you visit the library, you know it’s more than a place to get books. It’s a place to connect, reflect, grow, listen, learn and absorb. The library community is bound to change … hopefully in a good way.

So, don’t delay…visit your local library today!