Working at Discomfort

I am loving the comments and phone calls and emails ( I am receiving about the No Comfort Zone-2012 Challenge. They are full of excitement and activity.

dress up for work outfit
Getting out of my comfort zone!

Personally, I am working on the overt process first. I came out of the blogging closet and told my world about the hugely successful me!

Yesterday (drum roll, please…) I wore a dress to work!  Why was that such an issue in my world?  It’s always amazing to me when the world doesn’t end when I break through another self-imposed barrier.

The inner work is on hold right now but I am following Jackie and Joss and learning from them. In fact, I read their blogs and thought that my challenges were so trivial but I also realise I have to do some outer work and be gentle with myself before I can go inside.

If you’re doing this challenge, please leave a comment so we can follow along with your activities too. You don’t need to have a blog – just post here on this blog or send an email to and I’ll post it for you.

More to come!

NoCZ-2012 Challenge
No Comfort Zone-2012 Challenge