Money and Me

hot air balloons in Pagosa Springs, CO

Currently I listen to podcasts that tell me stories, take me on adventures and recently — help me reevaluate my financial health. Clark Howard’s podcast led me to Choose FI, which led me to a score of others. Listening to real life stories from a wide range of people and the steps they made to move away from debt and forward to financial independence keeps me wanting more.

I already do many of the small things – I recycle, walk, enjoy local activities, use, cook most of my meals at home, keep the temperature low, volunteer and many more actions I will think of later (no doubt!)

I do not use credit cards to get travel points. Maybe I will do that this year.

I am retired and do not have tons of money saved up. I know I will survive just fine. I can fret and freak out and I can also enjoy my life, my local library, riding my bike, making friends and doing things that define me.

What I really embrace are the vast amount of blogs, podcasts, books, and videos that exist and are at my disposal. One podcast will host a visitor who will tell me her favorite website, or his favorite article. Then I hop on the net to read that article and there are links to more people with delightful ideas filled with amazing takeaways and action items. One thing leads to another and my brain cells are popping …in a good way!


I’m loving all the learning going on and I have no doubt I will continue to bask in the wonder and fun of it all. It’s good stuff and can only make me better. And, best of all, it opens up a world of information I didn’t know was there… right at my fingertips!

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Internet Goodie #28: Show me the Money!

$ ? $ ? $ ? $ ? $

Do you know where your money goes? My dollars seem to disappear … I hand some here, give some there, purchase an item, write a check, use my Debit Card and then wonder where did it go?

If you use, you can track your spending habits over the course of a day, week, month and year. You can create a budget, review your savings and prepare taxes using this free software.

If you have financial goals you want to accomplish, will send you a daily email so you can track your progress on their secure site.

Listen and Learn!
Another way to educate yourself about finances is to check out Clark Howard. His podcasts, radio shows, blogs, newsletters and website are full of information about products, loans, mortgages, interest rates, insurance, vehicles and on and on. Listen as you sit at your pc or download to your mp3 player.

Dave Ramsey also has a website that offers financial suggestions, motivation and hope! He advocates paying off your bills, step by step, as a way to get control over your life. His energy and information comes through loud and clear on his radio station. Check him out too.