Abiding Gifts at Christmastide 

I listened to someone read this lovely poem titled Abiding Gifts last week, She told me her aunt wrote it many, many years before. It made me sit up straight and listen harder so I could hear it.

It was in a small paper book filled with poems written my women of the same congregation. I feel blessed that I can share it with you.

Abiding Gifts

By Rebecca Doughtery Hyatt

Please bring for me this Christmastide Such gifts that will with me abide. I sorely need each priceless thing That I am asking you to bring.Please bring for me this Christmastide
Such gifts that will with me abide.
I sorely need each priceless thing
That I am asking you to bring.
A Christmas tree – the same bright Star
That shines o’er Bethlehem’s fields afar.
So by that Star’s unwavering light.
I’ll follow there on Christmas night.

And may I find beneath that tree
A present marked  – Humility,
And leave there please a cloak for me
Which plainly says for – Charity.
I need Tolerance –and could use
a large package — And if you choose,
I want a magic wand  with which to find
Faith renewed in all mankind.

Bring Understanding, so that each day
Friendships are strengthened on the way.
With other things – I make this plea-
Bring boundless gifts of Sympathy.
Some kindness please, there’s never enough –
A world to soften at its touch.

Make these gifts attractive and apart
Each will be taken to my heart.
Come down my chimney with your pack
Of Peace and Goodwill upon your back;
Please add a stocking filled with Cheer
For useful days through all the year.
Bring these for me to scatter wide
Across the land this Christmastide.

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Unwrapping Christmas

The outside of my house is dark this Christmas season. No lights, no garland, no artificial Santa or Baby Jesus on my lawn.

Christmas WreathI have a lone wreath. Everything looks so sad.

In my world, Christmas is on the inside:

I love the Christmas season.
I love to get presents (SANTA, ARE YOU THERE?)
I love to decorate inside my house.
I love waking up to a lit Christmas tree and colorful lights inside my house.
I love playing Christmas music and singing along (if you sing really loud, nobody really knows that you’re off key!)
I love hot apple cider and pumpkin bread.
I love sugar cookies with icing (not so great about making them though).
I love having my family close by.
I love having friends over.
I love remembering Christmas past.

The secret is on the inside. The color, smells, sounds and feel of Christmas happens when you walk through the front door.

Come on in!