The Eve of Christmas

Christmas angel from my tree.
Christmas angel from my tree.

So many things change from one year to the next. One year you are hand in hand, making plans, smiling with a happy heart. The next year you sit in a quiet room contemplating the choices you made.

Last Christmas was filled with promise. This Christmas feels empty.

Next Christmas – ahh, there is always hope. There is time to dream.

What will the year bring, I wonder?

Here are the top things on my list:

Laughter, Friendship, Love.

Travel, Adventure, Learning.

Kindness, Generosity, Hope.

I’ve made room in my stocking for all of them, though the laughter may spill over and into the room!

Christmas Eve Giggles…

There’s something special about Christmas Eve, isn’t there?

Christmas eve houseIt’s like waiting for someone special to arrive from a trip or the anticipation of a good meal or the unwrapping of the gift – before it happens. Once the person arrives or the food is tasted or the gift is opened – the thrill is gone. The special time that causes the giggles to percolate is in the planning, wondering, hoping and dreaming.

Every now and then it unfolds in a magical way. Other times … maybe not so special. But the leading up to this day is the best. Does this make any sense to you?

Happy Christmas Eve – May you be surrounded with love and may all your dreams be answered!