Saying no to popcorn

WordPress Topic #60  –  What can’t you say no to? BC Young said he couldn’t say no to popcorn. (

I love popcorn. I love the smell, the freshness and the sticky salt. I love the butter and the sound of the crunch so when I am at home I make popcorn and love it.  It is affordable and easy to make.

When I go to the movie theaters, I can’t bear to pay the price for my beloved popcorn. It’s tough to sit there and smell the wonderful treat but the high price and huge amount of popcorn goes against the grain. Most times a big bowlful is all I need and want before the butter flavor overwhelms me. So, I say no.

Chai Tea imageLast year I ordered a cup of Chai Tea since I don’t drink coffee. It was great! At $3.50 per cup I felt like a part of the coffee club. But, alas … I soon found my Chai Tea in a concentrate form (add milk and heat) and the entire container was less than $3.00. By buying the concentrate in the box, I’ll get 5 or more cups of the hot, tasty liquid. So, no more hot chai from the coffee shop. (Marilyn has an entire post about her wonderful hot chai tea that you must read…)

Is this strange behavior or do you find yourself following bizarre logic that makes others question your sanity?

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