Day 29 – Down to the Wire…

I began my 31 Day Writing Challenge when I was visiting family in Carson City, NV. During the month I walked, wrote, had friends visit me, I visited friends and enjoyed the glorious light and colors. Now at the end of the month, the colors are fading, the light is dimming and there’s a melancholy feeling in my bones. I’m not quite ready to say good-bye to October, regardless of what the calendar says. I’m not ready for the time-change tonight. I’m not ready and still, those things will happen whether I am ready or not.

Maxwell Trail, Fort Collins ColoradoToday’s walk was around a lake and through the trees. The sky was clear, blue and wide open. By the end of my walk, I had my jacket off and my t-shirt was the perfect thing for me.

Walking is really what helps to keep my spirits up when the lights go down. Movement, fresh air, scenic views or just different sights help the walk fly by.

Walking for me is like brushing my teeth or making my bed. Schedule it, do it, get it done and my day is complete.

Good night to one and all. I’ll chat with you tomorrow!

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Day 3 -Walking Carson City, NV

Walking in Carson City during the lunch hour is a fun place to be. Since Carson City is the capital of Nevada, I was surrounded by history and government. Everywhere I looked I saw signage about the Pony Express and the men who rode the trail year after year to connect the east and west via mail. Those letters contained marriage proposals, business documents, deeds, and the hopes and dreams of the early pioneers. Their role made some miserable lives a bit more meaningful. My thanks to them and their endeavors.

On the main drag in Carson City, NV, the majestic administration buildings and dome capital building shined in the afternoon sun. These glorious building were hemmed in by old and tired looking gambling casinos, run down businesses and some new and hoppy pubs and breweries.

SAM_0397 (2)The second half of my walk took place at the Steward Indian School. This amazing compound located on 240 acres in S. Carson City opened 1890 until 1980. It’s mission was to “train and education Indian children with the ultimate goal of assimilation.” This lofty goal of the US Government was part of the mindset back then. To rein in and tame the Indian spirit and teach them the ‘white man’s ways.’ As if the white man’s ways were the one and only way to do things. I hope the Indians benefited in some way from this school and that they were able to make a living in the ever changing white world.

As the number of school children grew, those trained in stone masonry constructed over 60 native stone buildings. I hope it was all part of the learning phase and the Indian masons were compensated for their efforts.SAM_0377 (2)

Although most of those buildings are boarded up, a handful are open and operating by the state of Nevada for training, classes and agency offices. These buildings are amazing – the stonework takes your breath away. They are solid-looking and so attractive. Be sure to look at my photos below. The Steward Indian School is SAM_0398 (2)listed on the National Registrar of Historic Places. My guess is that most people in Carson City have no idea the place is there. It is full of history and beauty and boarded by the Sierra Nevada mountains.


SAM_0380 (2)

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Moisture and Movement: a good combo

Write 31 Days Challenge — Day 2

Write 31/Walk in Carson City

Some of my readers live in places where the air is full of moisture, clouds, grey skies and rain. I live in a climate that is sunny about 300 days per year. I can see miles and miles of blue sky. I can have a hot summer day but have a blanket on me during the cool summer nights. I love Colorado and enjoy the variation in weather.

I really enjoy rain. I’m from a city in upstate New York that enjoys 60 days of sun per year. The rest of the time, they get clouds, rain, snow, fog, clouds and more clouds. I miss the moisture in the air. So, when it’s a dreary or wet day, I want to be out in it.

On my walk in Carson City, I see mountains in 3 directions. It’s dreary and cloudy here (which I LOVE) and my walk consisted of paved roads and dirt roads, businesses and rural neighborhoods. This is a pretty place to visit and just 20 minutes away is Lake Tahoe and California.

I’m torn between going out for yet another walk or reading my book. And since I’m making a cup of tea, I’d better go and find that book!

Enjoy the photos!

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