Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

I usually take comfort in a cup of tea.
tetly tea boxI boil water in my electric pot then pour some into the cup. Once the cup is toasty to the touch, I pour it out and add my tea bag, then fill the cup with water.

I let it steep for 2-4 minutes.

I add some milk (I only have skim milk in the house so that will have to do) and drink it nice and hot.

I do not … EVER … order hot tea when I am in a restaurant. I am sure to be disappointed and I am.

Why is that you wonder?

Well, a cup is yanked off a shelf and lukewarm water is poured into a cold cup. A teabag is tossed on the side and it’s delivered with a smile. It’s cold, it’s weak and if you ask for a refill, you’ll get more water but not another teabag. It’s sad … but knowing the situation will save you from disappointment. And yes, you can thank me in advance.

There was ONE exception. On a flight to New Zealand, the flight attendants walked around with pots of brewed tea! It was the most amazing thing ever. Hot tea, plenty of refills, strong and tasty. Oh my… it was unfolding in just the right way!