Live from Twitter : Social Media replaces TV for good reason

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When earthquakes and tsunami’s hit –back away from your tv and turn to social media. You’ll get real live people with stories about hope, success, challenges and yes, deaths and tragies. You’ll get a better understanding of the big picture and not just the blood and tears that TV is apt to toss our way.

Blogs and microblogging (like Twitter) are close  to the action and the true heart of the matter. In Hey From Japan, we learn about the earthquake and the preparations that surrounded it. Is my family ok? Do the phones work? Is my house safe to go into? The unfolding story is news. True news.

Sadly, TV dwells on the blood, guts and gore which tends to disconnect us from the living and breathing people and their stories on the other end.

TimeOutTokoyo has regular updates about blackout times, hospitals, radiation levels, evacuation radius, transportation and train schedules, and other concerns that remind us of the chaos they are living through.

This headline by  Dave Ewing was found in a Tweet but not in a newspaper “Millions saved in Japan by good engineering and government building codes. “ Mainstream media wants to talk about death tolls and injuires. Too bad for us!



Hey From Japan

Dave Ewing

Book Review: Small is the new big by Seth Godin

Seth Godin has been blogging for the past 100 years or so and finally realized that his insightful information was being read by the choir. They already knew the ideas, followed their bliss, thanked their mommas, ditched their nasty jobs, embraced change, paved new paths,  discarded safety, and stood apart from the ‘others’.

This book is a compilation of his posts put into book format as a way to reach those who are stuck in their 9-5 safe job, counting down the days until they retire. We know now, that their retirement is going to be much further away. Will they stick it out in their hum drum world? Would you?

Godin’s brief posts are easy to read, digest and comprehend. He reflected on blogging and the unique personality of the blogger. To be able to share your opinion in a world where people don’t read or don’t care is a rare talent. I have that talent and appreciate that you’re taking the time to read this review.

The book will remind you about things you promised to do (revise your mission statement, ask ‘why’, question progress) and forgot in the rapid speed of our everyday lives. When you read it, jot down three things to follow up on and then check them off your list. Those three things will be worth the cost of the book and probably much more down the road.

Small is the new big by Seth Godin

Social Media Strategy #1: Get Noticed

Ready to take your business up a notch?

Then it’s time to create a social media strategy and get noticed.

Decide on the ‘one’ thing you want to be known for and find different ways to get the message out.

Social Media Strategy #1: Get Noticed

Create a blog – Blogs are an excellent way to generate sales leads. They are highly effective and low-cost marketing tool.
a.       Blogs allow your business to connect with current and potential customers.

b.      A blog can help you gain insight into customer’s needs and as a way to fine tune your product.

c.       Blogs help to make your business and product come alive and approachable.

A blog gives your company personality.

Start a blog focusing on your product but general enough that others will want to read about it as well.

Here are some blogs that promote business, inform customers and have personality … Just a blog about Mead and some of the things that happen here.

If you find you are answering the same questions all the time … then you need to put that information into a blog for your customers.

Stay Tuned for …
Social Media Strategy #2: Show… instead of Tell

Simple Steps on Getting Noticed

A Special Touch:

Last month, I was the recipient of a book titled, Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg. The book was sent to me by Random House (for free) along with 2 bags of Dove chocolates (dark and milk chocolate!). In the package was a letter telling me to enjoy the book and the chocolates. I was so impressed with the book and chocolate I think I’ve told over a dozen people. Random House has sent me books in the past which I’ve read and passed on but this was a really special.

Share and Share Alike:

In, the author shares her cliff notes on Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk In addition to her thoughts, she includes a video interview with Gary and Scobelizer discussing social media. Gary offers great information about business, social media, expectations, work ethics and how he made them all work for him.

One Stop Viewing:

I found a site called TubeMogul, it’s like a clearinghouse with statistics tracking all those who view your material. It’s free and organized in a way that will help you remember where you’ve posted, what your passwords are and who’s been looking at your stuff.

Connecting with social networks as a way to learn, listen and grow is an ongoing lesson. Deciding to focus on Facebook or LinkedIn, spend time on Twitter or a little bit of each depends on your audience. The best way to get attention is to mix and match the tools you use and Be Present!

Put Your Fingers on the Keyboard:

The time is now to create a blog, or sign up on a social network site, check into existing videos on YouTube and Flickr and start reading. You’ll soon find a site that you enjoy reading and want to bookmark. When that happens, be sure to click the links on that page as well. And when people write in, follow their links. That’s where the networking begins. Pose a question and you’ll be amazed at the help you’ll get … just be sure to listen and respond!