Ten Years Later … still blogging away!

Over the past 10 years, I’ve blogged … then paused. Why? Maybe some tragedy, maybe some overarching excitement. Who knows? Then I restarted with gusto and vigor then paused. Who knows why? But, then I came back recharged and ready to bust a new one. I’ve created challenges and made friends then paused… again. I guess the PAUSING was a need to recharge and reframe me and what I wanted to share. Read More

In the land of make-believe

Blogging. It’s sort of surreal. If you’ve done it, you know what I’m talking about. Putting thoughts, ideas, challenges, questions, concerns, issues, photos …out there for the world to see or reply, ignore, spam, comment, enjoy, interact, or possibly dismiss. And yet, we keep doing it. For some of us it’s a daily thing, for… Read More

Things that Matter

I’ve been sporadic in my writing lately. It’s hard sometimes coming up with something that matters and personally, I want to write about things that matter and add value to the reader and leave me with a feeling of accomplishment. Perhaps I’ve had a difficult time writing these past days because the words don’t connect… Read More