The fun thing about blogging…

The fun thing about blogging (for me) is visiting other blogs and reading comments and then visiting those blogs too. I’ve met some great writers, went on some excellent adventures, viewed amazing photos, read sweet poetry and listened to cool music. My world has opened up and it’s still growing and growing. Here are some of the places I’ve gone. Blogging is a great game of tag, isn’t it?

Poetry by Shawn Bird

New authors by Impower You

Sweet humor at Laughing Housewife

And so many more…

What blogs have you happened upon? Take a few minutes and share in my comments and in doing so they will get a bit more exposure!

Thanks to you and your friends ….and their friends ….and on and on!


Blogging Buddies Across the Globe

Writing every day brings me in contact with my blogging friends, which is so cool!

At Colder Weather, Rebekah treats us to photos, stories and a bit of Swedish history and views of her life in St. Johns. She’s at a good place in her life and it shows in her writing.

Marcia at Inside Journeys has a weekly Tasty Thursday recipe that you don’t want to miss along with some stunning photos.  Soulful Sunday delivers some sweet music and stories to start off our day … spend some time there and enjoy yourself.

Want to see some fun and affordable fashions? Check out and learn what stores to shop to get some good bargains! I’m always envious when I see some of the outfits she creates on a very affordable budget!

Starbear’s Weblog is a place of spirit, a place of peace and photos of nature and beauty.

Linda Bourgeois at Purple Borough fills my days with poems and beautiful stories about her family. Her collection of thoughts written on ragged pieces of paper takes us down memory lane where she  shares her insights about people who’ve made a difference in her world.

Another blogger I follow is Steph at the Mango Studio. We used to be in a book group together and now keep in touch via blogs.  Her blog is full of color, images, clouds, brightness and life. You’ll smile for sure.

Cecilia Futch’s blog includes photos and her story about taking online classes, living economically and enjoying her life.  She’s taking off for a few weeks to take tests and prepare for the next semester.

These bloggers from near and far have become my buddies. I check in to read their blogs and see how they’re doing and they check up on me and leave comments.  From Colorado to Jamaica to St. John and all points in between!