Lovely woman stands on a snowy trail

Does the brain get overtime pay?

Lovely woman stands on a snowy trail
Deep in thought

When you’re out taking a hike, do you actually give your mind any time off?

Meditation is when we quiet the thinking part of our mind and just focus on the present.  When you’re walking, that means looking up at the clouds and birds.  Being present means you’re invited to smell the air and earth, breathe in the spring blossoms or the crisp falling leaves.

On my walk today, I kept repeating “Be Here Now” to myself as a reminder to enjoy the view, drink my water, touch the trees and breathe. It’s so easy to let my thoughts try to solve problems, organize activities, and arrange schedules.

Illustration depicting thought.
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Being present means you’re not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. For this moment, as you move your legs, swing your arms, and enjoy your surroundings … you’re here and now.  It’s about doing just one thing at a time.

That’s meditation.