Counting my blessings

A way to help me feel grounded and sane is to count my blessings. I believe when I acknowledge the good in my world, I am opening the door to more goodness. One thing in my Aspens in Rocky Mountain National Park, Coloradoworld is the weather. Where I live in Colorado has been the most amazing autumn I can remember in a long time. Most years we get an early snowstorm that takes down branches and leaves and everything is bare even when the weather turns nice the following week.  This year has been glorious, colorful, warm and welcoming. No snow, no wind, no worries!

Because of this amazing weather I’ve been able to hike more. There’s something special about starting out on a cool crisp morning and finishing with the warm sun shining down on me. That smile on my face just appears – and is full of thanks for two strong legs, two happy arms and eyes to see the wide open sky. I always welcome a hike so if you’re needing a partner or want to join me, let me know!

dark cloudsAnother blessing has been writing on my blog about ways to stay sane.  I enjoy looking back over the posts for the past month and am pleased I sallied forth with my challenge. Receiving comments and input from my readers is appreciated as well as reading what they are writing.

I am blessed beyond measure and I bet you are too. Care to share?


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If you can feel the sun… life can’t be bad!

I have a playlist of songs that I have ready when I need some good music and I need it fast …

Every time, without fail when Blessed by Joan Armatrading plays … I stop in my tracks. It’s powerful and sweet and a reminder of all the wonderful things I already have in my world. I couldn’t find her singing it so I am including a YouTube video so you can hear the lyrics and music. It’s less than 2 minutes long and leaves you wanting more.


Life is hard
Work is dirty
Friends plead poverty
Fame and fortune
Keeps it’s own time
So don’t wait up

But if you can feel the sun
If you can feel the rain
Life can’t be bad
If you’ve got food to eat
And all your dreams to dream
Life can’t be bad
If you can walk away
and fight another day
Life can’t be that bad

For all the things that I can do
How could I complain
I’ve got no broken wings
I’ve got a heart that sings
And I feel blessed


December Musing: Appreciation

Dec 2, 2911 calendarDecember 2, 2011

Today is one of appreciation.

Good health

Strong bones

Delicious books

Friendly faces

Precocious three-year olds

Blue skies

Warm house

Family and friends

I truly am blessed on this 2nd day of December!

something wonderful

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