Passion, Energy, Learning

What are you passionate about?

I’ve asked myself that question time and again and discovered the answer is found in missing blocks of time. What is it I do where I forget about time? What is it I do that makes me wonder how I spent the last hour or afternoon? When I discover the missing time blocks – then I’ve uncovered my passion.

For me, it’s being surrounded by books. It’s sitting in a library. It’s being in a bookstore. It’s walking. It’s hiking. It’s looking at mountains. It’s learning Adobe InDesign. It’s writing in my blog. It’s taking photos with my handy-dandy camera that I keep close at hand. It’s sharing what I know.

That’s who I am and what I am passionate about.  I love what the internet offers. I love finding web sites that inform, teach, educate and engage. When I find these types of pages I want others to see, know and learn too.

I’ve met some amazing people via my blog and I continue to learn from them. Their ideas, suggestions, struggles, successes, joys and challenges delight me in ways it’s hard to describe.

It’s a fun journey that sucks minutes from the hours in my days – minutes that teach, entertain and delight.

What are you passionate about?