Easing into Happiness: Intentional Focus

Yes, studies have shown that a person’s happiness is determined by: genetics, environment, and intentional activities. Genetics is often referred to as nature and Environment is the nurture component of the equation. The third component, intentional activities is the subject of this post. Intentional activities are things that you choose to do, things you choose… Read More

Were the Good Old Days all fun and games?

Remember ‘the good old days’ when playing outdoors was the entertainment for the entire evening? When you had responsibility for your own happiness? When families gathered together to play bridge, pinochle, poker or board games? Where families sang as they did chores and danced the polka during the Sunday morning Polka Hour? When friends ‘dropped… Read More

Going Blind Reading Blogs?

I’m not sure about you but for some STRANGE reason… the font on webpages and blogs seem to be getting smaller. I wear glasses and yet, the ability to read various blogs and websites taxes my eyes. Know what I mean? We can all use the magic keyboard shortcut (Click on Ctrl+) to make the… Read More