OpenCourseWare: OpenYourMindware

OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a “free and open digital publication of high-quality university level educational materials, including syllabi, lecture notes, assignments and exams”   according to the University of California at Irving website.   In other words, OCW is educational material available to learners, students and teachers across the globe… for free.  At MIT, on the… Read More

Treasure Trove of links, sites, resources and mucho mas!

I found some sites today with tons of links to educational resources. This one: Support Blogging Support blogging has list of blogs educational blogs. Included on this page are blogs by: · Librarians · Teachers · Principals · Psychologists · Administrators · Professors · Parents Not all the links work but most of the do… Read More

Baby Face… what will the baby face when’s he’s ready for college?

What will college look like to my grandson? Will he be required to find his building, show up for an 8 am class, try not to yawn, pay $200+ for a dirty, used textbook? Or will he be able to set his alarm for the web conference that he organized and set up as part… Read More