Happily Retired Me!

Yes, I’m retired. And I do some part-time work with enough freedom to exercise, travel, hike, volunteer and all the other good stuff that comes with retirement.

I started this blog because I wanted to see what other people were doing to keep busy in their ‘retired’ years. I know that many of you are not retired, or semi-retired or wish-you-were-retired and like me are browsing the web wondering how others fill their time.

I am in a bookclub, play pickleball, hike, walk, walk, walk and volunteer. I love to write too.

Some of my wishes –

To have an unobstructive view of the sky and mountains.

To walk outside my house and get on a hiking trail.

To have a whole range of tasty apples at my disposal every autumn.

To be surrounded by family and friends for meals and gatherings.

To have someone teach me how to dress with style and aplomb.

To have my grandchildren live nearby me.

To have lots of windows to let in the winter sun.

To have my February ‘get-away’ place waiting for me when it gets too cold here in Colorado.

To have a mountain home with a wood burning stove.

To have you leave me a comment and say hello!

marge-gem lake hike1

Write on...

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