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Smoky Bear and me

Lyle, Rachel, Mike, Vicki and so many other wonderful people are moving to my area. They have either decided to move to a new neighborhood, city or state. Maybe they are recently retired and living their bucket dream list. Maybe some are newly single for one reason or another and making a fresh start. Some,

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6 year old offers advice about divorce

Sometimes, if we care to listen, we can learn so much from our children. This precious 6-year old, offers wise words to her mom about a pending divorce in the family. She’s “not trying to be mean, not trying to be a bully.” She’s trying to be …straight. She says, “My heart is something. Everyone

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Lockdown Drill for First Graders

“Teachers and Students,” said the voice over the loud-speaker, “we are now going to practice the Lockdown drill. Remember, this is just a drill.” The teacher immediately got up and turned off the classroom lights and locked the door. If there was a closet, the students would have been ushered into it. Instead, they were

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Day 6 – Shall We Walk?

  Some sort of movement for 31 days has been my challenge since Oct 1 (a mere 6 days ago.) That actually isn’t the hard challenge for me – blogging for 31 days is. My movement days – walking, working out, hiking, biking are part of my routine – though this public view will make

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Day 4 – All that glitters IS gold…

elk in rocky mountain national park, colorado

HaHa! Lucky Me!!! I’ve had the good fortune to see the autumn leaves many times this year. Several times in September I visited Grand Lake, CO which is located on the western side of the Rocky Mountains. To get there, I have to drive over Trail Ridge Rd. It’s the highest paved road in the U.S.

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Sometimes Facebook Makes Me Crazy

I don’t spend much time on Facebook like I did. I go there every few weeks and look at new family photos and then exit the program. There was a time I posted photos and made comments and ‘Liked’ but not anymore. — First off, it took me a bit of time to understand but

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