Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

A menu and a view in Ireland!a dining room window in ireland

Workout Challenge during the Holiday Zone

As I ponder my good health, I am in awe of people who take their fitness to the next level. I may not be there yet ...And I’m in awe of those who restrict calorie intake so their bodies can be in the right fat zone.

Working out is the easy part for me. I like to move my body. Restricting food is not easy for me. I know that if it’s there, in front of me, it was meant for my consumption.

And I also know that when I work with someone (a workout buddy) I am more tuned in and focused. I suppose the buddy system goes for everything – like Postaday2011. We said we’d do it and we show up and write.

I’m looking for a virtual buddy or two who wants to stay healthy, focused and challenged over the next 3 months (yes, to get us through the holidays). We’ll set our own goals then help each other attain them. And we’ll continue to blog, work, play and all the other fun things in our world.

Shall we?

Here’s to your health Joe!

Last week I was not feeling so great.

My voice had disappeared. Instead I had a deep chest cough.

I’m better now, my voice is back (a bit squeaky), my cough is gone (almost) and I feel wonderful. Being sick isn’t fun, but at least I was able to be in my bed, with my pillow, my sounds and smells.

For those folks in a hospital – to one person in particular – it’s hard. Your schedule is lined up with the schedule of the hospital. You are at the mercy of the people that come anThe difference between who you are and what you want to be is what you do.d go and you can only pray they have no cough (ahem…) or colds (oops!) or nasty germs.

The best place to heal is at home with chicken broth, juices, flowers and your pillow.If you’ve been in a hospital, you know how absolutely wonderful it is to return home. A few minutes of tears are allowed as you enter your castle.

Putting yourself first by not talking calls, visitors or entertaining is the only way to heal. Having a spouse or parent or child to be that guard dog is a good thing. Rest, sleep, heal. Once that’s over it’s time to sit, bark, play.

But first, you must get home. Soon? I sure hope so.

Sending love from my broken desk to your hospital bed…


Ginger Brandy Works Every Time

I had a cold last weekend. It started on Friday night and when I woke on Saturday my voice had disappeared. Gone. Zip. It’s strange not having a voice. It seems that’s when I want to make my phone calls and chat with friends, call the library and sing a song.

lemonBut now that my voice is back and my cough is almost gone and my energy level is almost back to normal, I want to express my joy with wellness. When I have it, I take it for granted. When it’s gone, I miss it dearly.

To deal with my silent voice and deep cough, I drank lots of hot tea, gingerale, lemon, hot water and honey.  My last drink at the end of the night was hot water, lemon, honey and a blast of ginger brandy. Good night world!

Now I’m better. No more brandy (boo hoo) for me.How do you soothe yourself when you’re sick? Any special treatment you’d like to share?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

I usually take comfort in a cup of tea.
tetly tea boxI boil water in my electric pot then pour some into the cup. Once the cup is toasty to the touch, I pour it out and add my tea bag, then fill the cup with water.

I let it steep for 2-4 minutes.

I add some milk (I only have skim milk in the house so that will have to do) and drink it nice and hot.

I do not … EVER … order hot tea when I am in a restaurant. I am sure to be disappointed and I am.

Why is that you wonder?

Well, a cup is yanked off a shelf and lukewarm water is poured into a cold cup. A teabag is tossed on the side and it’s delivered with a smile. It’s cold, it’s weak and if you ask for a refill, you’ll get more water but not another teabag. It’s sad … but knowing the situation will save you from disappointment. And yes, you can thank me in advance.

There was ONE exception. On a flight to New Zealand, the flight attendants walked around with pots of brewed tea! It was the most amazing thing ever. Hot tea, plenty of refills, strong and tasty. Oh my… it was unfolding in just the right way!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

Beach chairs in Lake TahoeSometimes enjoying the moment… is where comfort begins!

What do you think?


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Steve Jobs: Rest in Peace

Image representing Steve Jobs as depicted in C...
Image via CrunchBase

Steve Jobs and I were born in the same year.

He passed away yesterday and left us with new communication tools that changed the way we interact. The concept of a desktop computer became reality, improved, got sleeker, faster, contained more memory and stood alone in the market. Apple cornered the market with their closed systems and moved forward making up rules as they went along.

When it comes to computers, you either use a Mac or a PC. A pc can be a Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba, Sony, Compaq or a dozen others. A Mac is an Apple Macintosh…period!

Steve Jobs was known for his creativity and focus and entrepreneurship. The end result was a successful American company that continues to create media and communication tools that stand alone.

I would have liked to have met him. May he rest in peace.

7 Blogging Tips to Keep the Words Flowing

I love learning (as you well know) and love sharing what I’ve learned. When it comes to blogging, there are so many ways to stay on the writing path when you’re looking at a blank canvas. It’s easy to say, “I can’t think of a thing to write that others want to read” (ok, I’ve said that many times!) so these tips will help you and me when we fall off the wagon.
I’ve composed a list of 7 tips to turn to when the canvas is white and the fingers are idle.

  1. Be authentic. You know what I mean.
  2. Read other posts and tweet them. Almost all the posts we read have a tweet button – click it and send the post to the universe. It’s what you do when you really like something.
  3. Visit new blogs and read not only the post but the comments as well. Follow the link back to another blog and read some more.
  4. Have a favorite blogger? Check out the links they have on their page – it’s a compliment when others link to you so check out why they’re special.
  5. Talk global and write local. Refer to something going on in the world and apply how it affects you and your community. Real life examples add energy and interest.
  6. Share a moment… something you thought, did or said. When you add a bit of yourself to the post, your readers want to know more. It’s ok to teach – but you must be willing to give something of yourself – trust me!
  7. Be bold. Yes, I’ve touted this one before but it’s ok to be daring and try something new. Take a stand, make a vlog, include a video, and be controversial. As long as you’re authentic your boldness will pay off.

Now tell me, what do you do when your canvas is blank?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rocky Mountain Sunset

sunset in rocky mountain national parkAn evening ride over Trail Ridge Rd in Rocky Mt National Park allowed me to see the sun set again and again as the road went higher and we drove further west. It was an amazing ride and great adventure this past weekend!

Trail Ridge Road traditionally opens on Memorial Day weekend; last year the road opened on May 28. Trail Ridge Road is the highest continuous paved road in the United States, climbing to 12,183 feet and connecting the towns of Estes Park and Grand Lake.