Just a taste – Seneca Lake Wineries

Finger Lakes Wine Country, NY

Three sisters checking out the Finger Lakes Wines on a Sunday afternoon in May! Yumm!


Lots of places to choose from that’s for sure!
Enough to keep us busy for the day!
Slow-paced and fun!

One thing you might really enjoy about our Sunday outing was our plan was to actually go to the Cayuga Lake Wine Tour and enjoy those wineries but a wrong turn here, too much talking there, and a bit of laughter from the back seat (that would be the middle sister – ME!) and what do you know … we landed in Seneca Lake area instead. Cool. It’s all cool!

Three sisters visiting White Springs Winery, Seneca Lake, NY


The Finger Lakes located in Central New York are actually eleven small lakes that face north/south and give the effect of looking like fingers. (At least to me they do!)
My two favorite lakes, Cayuga and Seneca are some of the deepest in the US.  The lakes are long but narrow (giving the illusion of fingers from above) and the region is highly suited for growing grapes.

The eleven lakes are listed below:

  • Otisco Lake
  • Skaneateles Lake
  • Owasco Lake
  • Cayuga Lake
  • Seneca Lake
  • Keuka Lake
  • Canandaigua Lake
  • Honeoye Lake
  • Canadice Lake
  • Hemlock Lake
  • Conesus Lake
Seneca NY Wine Trail
Seneca NY Wine Trail


Day 10 – Autumn Photos

Well, for some reason my fingers do not want to be on the keyboard today – so it’s a day of posting pictures (that have been used over the years on this blog.) I’ll still be biking and moving right along but maybe you need a rest too – from my amazing adventures. So, actually, it’s all about you.

Enjoy the photos!

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I went walking …

I went for a lovely walk today. It was supposed to be up a hillside to the top of a lovely mountain. The route had to be altered due to the fresh snow on the dirt trail. The trail was snowy in some parts and muddy in others. The hike could have been accomplished however it would have been slow going. No aerobic points, no exertion just careful walking.

Instead I took a walk around a lake. There were many people out enjoying the air, the sun, the wide open sky and the most amazing view.

The lake was frozen and the mountains were spectacular.

Tomorrow Daylight Savings Time kicks in and the clocks move ahead leading to more sunlight.
And spring is right around the corner. Amen!

Ma Nature drops a load on Christmas

Christmas was truly a day of wonder for me in my Northern Colorado city. The cold weather moved in and dumped a load of WHITE on us. If you were bundled up or snuggled up then it was a perfect day.

So, early the next morning, I started taking photos before the sun came up — the ONLY way to get good snow photos  -before others make tracks in the snow. Here are some of the scenes …

I hope you find peace, beauty and joy in the New Year.

With love and friendship — Margekatherine

marge on rock

September sweetness

I love September and adore fall.

Aspens in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, Sept 2014
Aspens in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, Sept 2014

There’s a time element associated with the season that forces me to get out and make time to see the trees, view the colors, and breathe in the change.

This summer and fall have been amazing. Not too hot. A good bit of moisture. Higher humidity. And fall is following suit. Cool mornings. Warm days. Cool evenings.


Aspens in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, Sept 2014

A visit to Rocky Mountain National Park was the right thing to do this week to see the autumn leaves. In some places the aspen painted a swatch of gold across the landscape.

It was important to get up to see the trees before the weather changes, the wind blows or the snow falls.

fallen leaves

It’s totally beautiful. And the smell of autumn is like nothing else. I hope you have the opportunity to view, breathe and enjoy it all.

And if you do find yourself among the trees, surrounded by sky and wide open spaces, I hope you are able to relax your shoulders, quiet your mind and breathe in the smell of the season.

With a smile on your face (of course!)


RMNP5 - Sept 2014






Aspens in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado





Aspens in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, Sept 2014






Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Rocky Mountain National Park – Sept 2014
snow on lilacs in Colorado may 11, 2014

Snow or sun: Happy Mother’s Day!

Snow on Mothers Day in Fort Collins - 5/10/14 snowy peony snowy purpleI had every intention of ‘sleeping in’ on Mother’s Day. Sleeping in means 7:30 a.m. or so. However, at 6:15 when I lifted my head from my pillow I saw one thing – the branches of my tree bent over. No dallying for me… I flew out of bed and into warm winter clothes. It was snowing – the wet heavy snow that is often the case in April and May snow in Colorado. The weight of the snow lands on the branches that are just budding out they break and are ruined forever…

So, after knocking snow off trees, bushes, flowers and tables – I walked around the neighborhood. When I finished my exploration, I was soaked! My heavy winter coat and ski gloves were no match for this weather.

A hot cup of tea, Sunday Morning CBS, the Sunday paper and soon it will be time to make my rounds again and free the branches and trees of the snow that continues to fall.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my sisters, cousins, friends, nieces, neighbors, fellow bloggers and to all those wonderful men who step in and fill the mother role when needed. And a special hello to my long departed Mom (aka Ma).


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Spring time in Fort Collins, Colorado - April 2014

Expect Snow in April

Spring time in Colorado is about snow.

Spring time in Fort Collins, Colorado - April 2014

It’s the heavy and wet kind of snow that takes down branches that are just beginning to bud.

The state gets most of its snow accumulation during March and April.

Those are the Spring time in Fort Collins, Colorado - April 2014months when people get antsy to declare spring has arrived only to have their tree limbs fall, their tomato plants freeze and their lovely flowers droop with the early planting.

It’s wonderful and cyclical and predictable.

And it’s all ok. Because this little dose of Spring time in Colorado - April 2014winter will turn the lawns green and add some creative contrast to the dull brown colors that cover the area. The browns are leftover mulch, leaves, twigs and branches that have yet to be cleaned.

The snow makes for a lovely canvas that disappears as the sun warms the ground.

The best things about these last few storms is the hope they offer of spring. It’s here … well, almost.

I hope spring is unfolding ever so gently for you in your world as well.

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Tulip painted on garage in Lafayette, CO

Appreciating the artist

We all know and love people who can see a new way of doing something. Those people who see a rainy day and turn it into a party or a masterpiece painting.

It’s my belief that we all have that ability inside of us … the ability to charm happiness during a blizzard or to find a rainbow during a depression. Whether we choose to invoke those powers is another thing.

I love being around ‘those kind of people’ don’t you? They raise my spirits and offer an inside look at new possibilities. Humor also delights me. I enjoy when someone can turn words around and give me pause before I laugh.

tulip garageSo last month when I was driving along on a dreary December day, I came across this garage. Someone took something bland and ugly and turned it into art. What fun it was for me to stop my car and hop out to take photos!  And what a delight for the person across the street who now has the opportunity to look at a white tulip all year long instead of a dull concrete wall!

Tulip painted on garage in Lafayette, COArt takes shape in so many ways – through flavors, colors, designs, sounds, words and so much more!  I’d love to see what art has crossed your path lately.

So, now it’s time to get busy appreciating. If you have some art to share, send it my way!

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The Penultimate Month

November is the penultimate month. It’s stuck there, second from last, dangling like a broken wing waiting to be loved, hugged instead of snubbed and forgotten.

It’s needy. Wanting to be important but mostly being ignored. It’s a placeholder for the other months, keeping things lined up but wiaspen tree with eyes looking through Novemberth no real purpose.  The goal is to get through November so we can get to the other side.

We bundle up, wrap up, rake up and shore up … and flip calendar pages – feeling amazed to be 11 months gone. What have we achieved? How did time slip by?

Is there some way to skip November? Just hop on to December and move towards a new year?

Or maybe we turn November into an event. Dress it up, deck it out, get it fit, light it up, and make it special. We walk it, stroke it, stoke it and make it POP!

Instead of drowning in dullness, perhaps we light up the month up with leaves, pile them high and let art come forth.

We can turn ‘penultimate’ into the hottest month of the year. Add some color, glitter, sparkle and spotlights and we’ve got something special – right here, right now.


Drops of water/ice on this gorgeous rose in Fort Collins, CO

Morning Walk: Snow, Breathe, Smile (for the camera)

Walk to Remember

As you may know, I have been focusing on memory issues such as remembering, forgetting, mindfulness, and memory retention as a way to understand my actions lately. I’ve had a string of forgetting moments and last week was another doosey. I’ll post that one next time.

For now – I try to walk daily in new areas as a way to stay awake mentally and keep my brain from going into ‘zone mode.’

This morning, before the sun was up – I was in my yard with a rake knocking snow off bushes, trees, plants and hauling (with all my might) a huge branch that broke during the night.

After a hot cup of tea to warm me up … I patiently waited for the sun to come up so I could walk and take some photos. Now, as I write this at 4 pm the lawns are littered with gold, green and red leaves. The snow is almost all melted. The images I took this morning are all that’s left. Here’s my gift to you…Enjoy!

This gorgeous orange rose was just waiting for me to come along! Fort Collins Colorado
This gorgeous rose was just waiting for me to come along!
Love this pink flower against the backdrop of the evergreen background.
Love this pink flower against the backdrop of the evergreen background.
Acorn sitting in the mist of ivy and fallen leaves
Acorn sitting in the mist of ivy and fallen leaves
The trees have not yet dropped their leaves so the heavy wet snow can be brutal to the branches.
The trees have not yet dropped their leaves so the heavy wet snow can be brutal to the branches.