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The story of retirement: Begin here.

Now what that I am retired?

One day the building, place, store, cubicle, office, etc. where I used to go daily, and felt connected to … is no longer. I broke ties. They said good-bye. That place is no longer in my world. Instead, my world is under my command. Get up and exercise. Or not. If not, no one will

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Making Friends Outside My Circle

There are no new ideas. Not really.So when a statement stands out from the rest, it makes me sit taller and pay attention. Bonnie Truax writes, as a way to reinvent yourself she suggests I make friends with people outside my circle. YES! That clicks for me!

November mixup

For me, November is about mixing things up. It’s about the road less traveled, discovering new trails, meeting new people, joining, moving, painting, and connecting. I am doing all of the above. One of the items on my November list was to hike a new trail. I did that this week and it was stunning.

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Autumn Blessings

Yesterday I wrote about counting my blessings. Well, today I had the most wonderful time with my grandson and sweet little next door neighbor. It was all about leaves, dirt, Candyland, snacks, sunshine and laughter. It was about making buildings, playing with cars and moving wheelbarrows. It was a day where I counted my blessings

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Nippy Irish Festivities in Fort Collins

I went to a St Patty’s Day parade yesterday. The streets were lined with people of all ages, tons of strollers, lots of dogs and everyone was bundled up. When the parade began the sky was clear, as it progressed the wind began to blow and gray clouds covered the sky. There were over 80

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Things …

Consistency: doing something on a regular basis. Walking: Something I do everyday. Where I record my walks. (If you know of a better one, please share and I’ll check it out!) Goals: Walking 3.5 miles per day. Difficulty: walking outside in Upstate NY. Alternative: Mall walking. Best Alternative: Return home to Colorado and enjoy

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