Handwriting on the wall

Are you happy with your handwriting?

My mom had pretty ugly handwriting (sorry Mom) but my dear friend Joan has beautiful writing. Her written words are like pieces of art.

Writing is something we learn early on or we don’t. My sons print. Cursive was not something they were taught. It was one of the teaching initiatives that came and went back in the day. Another fad the schools went through were ‘open classrooms’ as in classrooms with no walls. Just one big open family. That one was also left in the dust. And another initiative was ‘inventive spelling.’ Sometimes these pedagogical fads are introduced and fade away without making any kind of difference… except what was not taught, for example – cursive.

So, now I wonder how many of you actually use cursive when you write? So many people I know leave notes by printing (or texting  ☹) but rarely correspond using cursive.

Do you like your handwriting?

Write to me - displays my handwriting - retired in Fort Collins, CO
My handwriting – what does it say about my personality?

My handwriting seems to go back and forth between printing and writing. It’s as if I speak a foreign language but keep adding English words as well. When I am focused on writing and take my time, my handwriting is ok. Unlike Joan and Loretta and Barbara and Johnny. Their writing is beautiful. When I am writing a card, I want to get it pretty the first time so I have to slow down and pay attention. Using ‘white-out’ to remove my mistakes on a sympathy card is sort of tacky.

What really amazes me is that my handwriting from high school is the same I have now. Almost everything about me has changed over time and yet, my handwriting is almost the same.

Graphology is the study of handwriting. This science is a way to learn about the personality, character and abilities of the writer. So, that journal writing I did in high school (which is pretty much the same as today) can offer insights into my personality. The way I add spacing to words, whether I add loops to letters, and even how I cross my ‘’T’s’ speaks volumes about me according to graphology.

So, what about the population of people who never learned to write? Can studies be done on them as well? (Please let me know if you have this answer…)

I have a guest book filled with messages from people from across the globe who wrote notes after staying in my Airbnb. They are all unique, expressive and special. What makes me want to go back and explore their notes is the idea that within their words are clues to their hidden selves.

What impresses me is that I can detect whose handwriting is in front of me. I can pick out documents written by my sons, siblings, friends and relatives and get them right almost every time. Looking at a letter written my mom or dad makes me nostalgic for them. The written word it truly a link to our past – for better or worse.Just me... blogging away (example of my handwriting) Retired in Fort Collins, CO

I know this is silly, but during the holidays when cards arrive in the mail for me, I turn them over without looking at the writing or return address. I want to be surprised when I open it. Sort of like opening an unexpected gift for my birthday… I want to be surprised. Yes, I know – goofy, right?

So, now put your fingers to work and WRITE ON below in the comment section and leave some words behind!

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

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6 thoughts on “Handwriting on the wall

  1. My handwriting is pretty legible when I take the time to make it that way. I still write real actual letters to people and like them to be able to read what I say. Who knew there was an actual science to handwriting. I better read this and figure out what I’m subconsciously saying about myself.


  2. I’ve seen shows on TV where they refer to writing analysis but never understood the amount of information that can be pulled. I enjoy writing as well and try to keep it neat and tidy. Now I will be even more diligent!


  3. Sometimes I’m happy with my handwriting, other times I’m not. However, when I’m at work I’ve often got to try and decipher some people’s handwriting and feel better about my own!


  4. Sometimes reading terrible handwriting is like learning a foreign language or a solving a puzzle. One good word leads to the next. You can be I would write nice and neat if I was trying to impress. Thanks a bunch for stopping by and leaving a comment!


  5. My handwriting has gotten better since I’ve been home, sheltering in place. Evidently I am taking more notes 🙂 My mom had beautiful hand-writing and so did my Dad. Yes I can also determine who wrote what note or letter based on the handwriting. Our sons’ handwriting is very different ~ Hubbs’ is terrible but that’s b/c his hand cramps up. Interesting/fun post!



  6. I have the same old pattern – start out nice, then I get lazy and it shows in my writing. I really have better printing presence than cursive. I envy those with lovely script. It is an art in itself! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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