Love from afar (Covid-19)

My upbeat music of the morning: – Louis Armstrong sings
What a Wonderful World. 

sitting on a long doc with my sister, happily retired

The way the world is spinning now it’s easy for people to do good. And be bad. Or be ugly. There is so much happening in our world these days that I just want them to choose GOOD.

This video was posted on Instagram by Sara Byrne. (Sabyrne5)

Byrne’s grandmother has seven sons, 22 grandchildren and 29 great-grandchildren. Most of them live in the Syracuse area, so they went to sing Happy Birthday for her. “We love her so much and are so thankful for her!” said Byrne.

And a Brooklyn cellist plays Happy Birthday from afar…

2 thoughts on “Love from afar (Covid-19)

  1. Thanks for the positive stories. I agree with you, I’m tired of hearing about people fighting in supermarkets and being at their worst. Let’s focus on the great things people are doing and try to follow suit. I have some good neighbors who are sharing food and reaching out to help each other. Hard times like this show what people are really made of.


  2. The world is filled with good stories. Thoughtful, caring and concerned people are all around us. I look forward to interacting with more of them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Sending my best to you and yours!


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