Becoming a luck magnet

I love reading blogs. Each blogger has a different and unique take on life. Whether they are into traveling, reading, retiring, budgeting, music or all of the above, everyone looks at the situation from their special place in the world and writes in their own beautiful voice.

Recently I read a blog from Catherine at Cryanny’s Cove and Amanda from Something to Ponder about bringing luck into their lives. They decided to be positive and just remind themselves they are lucky. Well, readers, I am lucky too. In a dozen ways. For instance, just this morning my lovely Comcast representatives reduced my monthly internet bill down $9 per month. OK, to be totally honest, it went from $62 to $82 and now it’s at $73. PRETTY LUCKY, RIGHT?

And I installed a door bell myself (and it works!) Along with that, I have a phone call coming this evening to help me resolve my laptop issues. So, as you can see, I am a luck magnet. I know you probably read “I am a love magnet” right? Well, why not? Why the heck not!

And the really lovely thing is that you are too! Stick with me, it’s sure to get way more fun over the next few months of luck and love.

I so enjoy the new ideas, exercises and challenges from other bloggers. Most times they don’t know how their words invite me to think in new ways or to question things that I always thought of as true. Or their photos make me turn to maps, or a books or search engines to learn more. I’ve found recipes that I added to my supper menu, jokes that made me laugh out loud or stories that made me cry.

The freedom and ability to write from my point of view about topics that touch my soul is a thing of beauty. Reading other blogs is the gift I give myself. I leave enriched and with the urge to put my fingers to the keyboard.

But let’s talk about creating luck, shall we? I know that being lucky is a state of mind. It’s how I embrace price increases, laptop failures, train crossings and awful ‘on-hold’ music. The thing is, life is a notebook full of blank pages. Spending time writing my disappointments instead of my successes will only take me (and you) down.

So, I’ll be paying attention to my luck and you, (yes, YOU) will get to hear about all the wonderful things that come my way. You, are more than welcome to become a luck/love magnet as well. In order for me to become this lucky magnet, I plan to do the following things:

  • Stay open to new opportunities.
  • Be aware of my surroundings.
  • Be present.
  • Talk about my good luck.
  • Know that my luck is contagious.
  • Listen (luck and magic have their own frequency.)

If you are a lucky person and have nuggets to share, please leave a comment below!

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All that glitters IS gold…


9 thoughts on “Becoming a luck magnet

  1. Donna Martemucci

    Marge, I love your thoughts on luck! My favorite line is “The freedom and ability to write about topics that touch my soul is a thing of beauty.” What a lovely sentiment and the gratitude expressed is appreciated by your readers (well, at least one reader – me! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It is possible to think yourself into good luck. Changing one’s mindset creates all sorts of possibilities. Visualizations actually happen. I thank you for the pingback and for spreading the word about good luck. I hope we can spread this thinking far and wide and spread positivity and good fortune along with it. Thank you.


  3. Many thanks for taking the time to comment. I agree that changing ones mindset can make all the difference for good or bad. I choose good. I choose laughter. I choose to have luck come my way. I choose to welcome goodness with open arms. And I choose to turn my back to negativity. The end. (smile)


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