My very first time…

I’m convinced that time flies by faster now than when I was little. Minute by minute it slips by and the days and months fly by but so do the years. Sometimes I just have to do the math and count on my fingers (yes, it’s as silly as it sounds…) to come up with simple math. I’ve lived here over 6 years? My car is how old? How many years have I been out of high school??? OMG!

And yet we all know instances when time refuses to budge. Waiting for a medical report. The ninth month of pregnancy. Awaiting a vacation or trip. The countdown to 5:00 pm and quitting time. A job acceptance call. Traffic on the way to the airport… you know what I mean. Sometimes it takes forever and other times, zoom. GONE. Time is barely here and totally gone. For instance, what happened to July?

Time passes, no doubt.

But why swiftly for some and so slowly for others. Waiting for Christmas as a kid was painful. Then, blink, winter vacation was over and I was back in the classroom. Hardly able to enjoy my Thumblina or Betsy Wetsy dolls that Santa brought me.

It’s about being present.

One way to make my moments count is to paint them in rainbows and sprinkle them with glitter! Or something like that, right? Find a way to make them pop! Skip the boring cup of tea at home and fill a thermos and drive to the lake and drink it listening to Bruno Mars. Or drive to a greasy diner and sit at the counter and order the biggest cinnamon roll they have. THAT WOULD BE MEMORABLE. RIGHT?

Psychologist William James states that adulthood is filled with ‘fewer and fewer firsts.” For instance, as a child we had our first day at school. Our first bike. Our first lunchbox. First time on an airplane. Growing up we had our first romance, first kiss, first date and each new first was a significant place in time.

And I bet, most of us have a story about a First. “I remember the first time I met your dad.” Or “Renee was my very first friend. We met in kindergarten.”

Other Firsts include not such happy events as well. The first funeral I ever attended. The first time I got drunk. The first time I took my drivers test (then the second time, then the third time!)

sunset over rocky mountainsNow, in my retired years, the first are a bit harder to come by. Well, they are more planned and less happened-upon. For instance, my first solo camping trip didn’t happen by chance. It was planned and the map was used, search engines were engaged, items were purchased and THEN my solo adventure happened. But that was a first for me!

My first time as a senior counselor at a leadership camp has come and gone and it sticks in my mind like a beacon. The week was so jam-packed with activities, speakers, events, hikes and each day seemed to last forever and yet the week flew by!

Making time slow down is a game.

And the fun thing is we get to make the rules. And change them as much as we like. Doing something different, adding a bit of color, laughter and throw in some music for the heck of it and the end result is magic. Shall we try?

The answer is Yes to all of the above.

Ok, TIME for you to shake things up. The clock starts now…








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