The Sun: Thought-Provoking-my gift to you!

Two years ago at Christmas I received a subscription to The Sun magazine ( (And I have one to give to you – keep reading!)

And I was confounded. Neither my friend who sent it nor I have a religion affiliation unless you call sunrise hikes, evening kayaking or nighttime star-gazing a religion. Which we do, actually. Even still, it took me by surprise to receive such a gift. Until I read The Sun.

The Sun’s byline is “Personal. Political. Provocative. Ad-Free.”

I would also add “Spiritual. Non-Religious.”

Oh my.

This monthly magazine became my morning reading material. I savored it and made it last. The interviews are in-depth and teach me something new every month. The essays, memoirs and true stories keep me reading until the end and when I finish, I often let out a huge sigh. There is usually a fiction story, poetry and best of all (at least for me) is Readers Write. One topic is given and thousands of people submit their version of the topic. About 20 first-person stories are chosen and it’s like a roller-coaster of reading.

life steps quoteSo, for Christmas last year, I sent a subscription (at only $25 per year per subscription if it’s a gift) to four people who I thought would also appreciate the magazine. I often hear back from them and we discuss the articles. My favorite thing to do is to give away my older issues as a way to ‘sell’ my friends on the magazine. It works every time. Like me, they think it’s a religious magazine – once they read it, they learn quickly that it’s totally NOT and totally so many other things. And always thought-provoking.

The Sun Magazine takes me to places…step by step. Sometimes I take them two by two but most times, I take them very slowly – savoring them as I go.

I have a few magazines sitting on my table, staring me in the face, hoping and wishing that I can share them with you. Send me an email and I’ll send a magazine your way. They are a treat in every way possible. And no advertisements! It will be my gift to you! Please take me up on the offer, you will be so glad you did!

I’m waiting to hear from you. The first 5 people will be so happy they wrote to me at  and I will be so blessed to share them with you!
(OK, what are the chances that 5 people will contact me?) DO IT!



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