Red & Yellow & Pink & Green …

Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue … now I can sing a rainbow too!  Ahh, I long for color in my world again!

Do you ever just want to get in a vehicle and go someplace else? Someplace with lots of night sky, amazing vistas, colorful landscape and beauty? I am in that mood right now. As spring teases, with warm days and tiny green shoots of life popping out of brown landscape, I am ready for more. So ready!Tulip painted on garage in Lafayette, CO

To get more, I have to travel to it for the time being. Shall I go south to the colorful adobe houses and find relief in the art of Santa Fe, New Mexico or do I head to the west and breathe in the red dust from the ancient rocks in Arches National Park, Utah? Or do I bide my time and wait a month and hop on a plane for a destination a bit further away?

If I wait, I can focus on the earth and work to help bring my garden and flowers back to life. Removing the leaves from last year’s trees, collecting piles of pine cones, cutting back old growth and sitting patiently to watch…

Spring is a restless sort of time for me. I think because in Colorado spring is never when we want it. The state gets most of it’s snow in March and April. And often, we get really big storms in May too. No matter how ready I may be for spring if Mother Nature wants to add that last blanket of white on my world, I have to step back and let her have her way.

When I was a kid, I longed for Christmas. The anticipation was part of the charm. I’ve lost that longing for Christmas, but boy oh boy I sure am counting down the days to spring!

I wish you could join me here and we could welcome it together!


Have you ever…?

I was invited to a brunch gathering at 10 am. As I drove, I reread the message to get the correct address. In reading the message, I saw the brunch was for Sunday not Saturday. Oops! Have you ever done things like that?  Like looking for your glasses when they are on your head? Or trying to locate your cell phone while you are talking on it?

Well, the positive thing is I took a few turns and ended up at a place where I could park my car and get on the local bike trail and enjoy a nice walk. Lots of blue skies, dry sidewalks, fresh air and the knowledge that I would be at brunch with a bunch of lovely people — in 24 hours.

Elevator Counseling

I love taking the stairs but when the elevator in the hotel parking garage opened as I approached, I knew there was a reason. I turned to the other passenger and said, “Well, I guess the Universe is telling me to take the elevator.” She said, “Do you listen to the Universe too?”

I told her I did.

She said, “I’ve got a question for you. What happens when everything is really negative and bad? How do you focus? How do you get out of that place?”

She had her suitcase and was heading towards her vehicle. “I think what you do is find that one thing that’s beautiful,” I said.  “A smile on a baby’s face. Or the sunrise. Or maybe a sunset. Just find it and focus on that and keep going back to that one thing. And then add one more. When you are in a dark hole, all you can see is shit and darkness.”

I told her, “It’s like if you’re on a diet. You’re not going to make a difference in a day, but in month you’ll start to see change. So, hang on to that feeling of finding beauty everyday for a month, then you will see some light in the darkness.” I wanted to reach over and wipe away her tears.

When she mentioned she was at the hotel for a conference, I asked her what kind of work she did. She was counselor attending a trauma seminar. No wonder she was so messed up. Who knows what sad stories she was dealing with in her world.  For the briefest moment in time, I was able to convey to her through my actions. “Let it all go. I’ve got you.” And I did have her for that very short window of time. Maybe that was all she needed. To be heard. To be not alone. To connect.

Everything about her was raw and vulnerable. I hope she finds some healing and is able to treat herself kindly.

How about if we send her some light? Just close your eyes and send some light and love to this giving person. Will it reach her? Will it make a difference? Maybe it will. I hope so.

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