Simply saying, say it simply!

I’m a snob. Well, sometimes.

For instance, when I hear people say the word often and they say the T as in off ten, I repeat the correct pronunciation (with a silent T …)  in my head. When I hear the saying ‘even still’ which I say all the time, I know that person grew up on the east coast. (And if they grew up in Central NY … they get extra points on my mental chalkboard.)

Double negatives?!? They make me cringe so please don’t get me going in that direction. Please.

I just read a short article titled, The Day You Became a Better Writer. It was basic information that I learned in Journalism 101 at the community college. Drop the adverbs. Do they really need to be written?  Do I really need to add the word really? No magic science but the end result is crisp, clean and concise.

bookshelfCut the excess words and add humor and your own personality and write to your heart’s content. But before you publish, read your words out loud. When you do, you might find some extra words, missing commas, and perhaps a few too many adjectives and adverbs. What would Marie Kondo do? She would have you ask “do I love this word?” and “does it bring me joy or humor?” if the answer is no, kindly thank the word or words and release them. The universe is waiting to receive them and return them to their rightful place.

With more time on my hands these days I am focusing more on writing. The best way to improve my writing is … to increase my reading. In this connected world, there are volumes of possible places to read, grow and learn. I love audiobooks – (get them free at your local library), books, magazines, blog posts, online articles, you tube seminars, Ted Talks and podcasts. I suppose the only area I avoid is the local newspaper. The print gets bigger, the staff gets smaller, the price increased and the content is minimal. Ugh!

Focused and solitary learning and writing are easy, fun and free. I offer words of caution, however, that too much time alone isn’t good or healthy.

Maybe it might make sense to take a class in a real classroom as a way to stay connected in an often (SILENT T) disconnected world. Attend a talk, take a lesson, visit a “Meetup” group and find ways to interact. There will be time enough ‘later’ to be alone. Now, it’s time to get uncomfortable and put yourself ‘out there.’

Let’s do it. I’ll go first and will tell you what it was and how it felt. Then it’s your turn.

Life  is beautiful after all. Why not get out there and have some fun?!

La Vida es Bella

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