Rock on!!! to Music Compilations

In September 2018, a friend introduced me to the music by Maggie Rogers. I fell in love and returned home to find as much of her music on that I could locate.

Last week she was the music act on Saturday Night Live. I was thrilled to see her there.

In looking for her, I found Indie/Pop Compilations that have introduced me to a WIDE variety of wonderful music.

This series is from November 2018. Check it out and fall in love. It’s an 1.5 hour of solid play. Not a ton of ads and interruptions. I keep returning.

And the Ultimate Indie-Folk Playlist will take your breath away. At least I hope so. It makes me just stand still in my path.

Need some beautiful chill morning music? There’s over an hour of various musicians and their songs compiled into one lovely click. Oh my!

Indie/Pop/Folk Compilation – November 2018 (1½-Hour Playlist)

Ultimate Indie-Folk Playlist (almost 2 hours of solid music!!)

How about the Best Songs of Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith? Yup! Check it out. I feel loved.

Author: Margekatherine

Missing my grandkids but loving everything about life here in glorious Colorado!

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