Road Tripping

Time to see family via my van – so off to the west I head. Towards the heat. Towards the smoke in the air due to California fires. Toward my family. I enjoy the 15 hour trip with an overnight in any state except Utah. Books on tape. Music on cd. Silence and beauty. It’s what you make it.

The first day of the trip was odd because I reached my destination but it was only 4pm. There was no way I could stop because it was 95 degrees and no place to go to get cool. I ended up driving 3 more hours and knew I could keep going but my eyes were burning from getting up so early. And the smoke in the air was intense.

It was an easy-peasy drive. In another day or two I will travel back the same way I came. I will be sure to drive all the way through Utah and into WY before I rest my weary head.

The photos show the salt fields that I passed along the way. Miles and miles of salt. And the air is filled with smoke from the California fires. It looked like dusk but the time was about 2:00 pm.

Road Trip to Carson City, NV




2018 California Fire Map

Carr Fire is tearing through Northern California








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