Peaches, peaches and more peaches!

peach festivalThe wonderful thing about this summer is how busy I have been with traveling, visiting, volunteering and ok, to be really honest … eating. I have a paper calendar in my kitchen with markings, circles, words that I have crossed off or used ‘white out’ to remove. I tape events so I can see the advertisement about the dates, time, location and etc.

When I am in the library or other shops and see posters with events I want to attend, out comes my camera and I snap a handful of images for me to use as reminders. They are good, however, when a piece of paper is taped to the date, it’s really hard to ignore.VW Primo limo

Last weekend was filled with peaches at the Rotary Peach Festival in Fort Collins. It is a collaborative event put on by the four Rotary Clubs in the city. The Peach Festival started with a Peach 5K run, a Peach breakfast, to be washed down by peach wine, peach beer, peach cider and grilled peaches. There was tasty peach ice cream, peach pie and peach cobbler. Oh my! Along with games, booths, families, obstacle courses for kids, yoga in the park, and it was all staffed by Rotarians and their families and friends.

Sunday was a car show in the neighborhood with really classy cars. The proceeds of over $25,000 was donated to Meals on Wheels to provide food for those who are unable to provide their own.

Add in a few bike rides, hikes, a couple of book group gatherings, movies, books on tape, walks in the ‘hood and that rounds out the past week. Amazing!

What’s not to love?

Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest

Building Good Will Through Free Music

Face Vocal Band at Bohemian Nights at NewWestFestI live in an amazing city! Every summer we have a free music concert weekend that includes local bands that play on 6 different stages. There is a wide range of music to satisfy everybody’s tastes.

This past weekend, over 80 bands played to the crowds. There were Americana, Funk Blues, Rock, Hip-Hop Soul, Trance Blues, Folk, Gospel, Afrobeat Afrofunk, Rock Funk-Pop, Party Pop, Western Indie Rock, Synth-Punk, Funk Soul-Reggae, Rock Blues, Blue Grass, All-Country Rock, Fingerstyle Guitar, All Vocal Rock, Campfire County Rock, Bluegrass Folk, Zydeco Blues Rock, Gypsy Jazz, and much more!

The weekend offered a rainbow of melodic choices to soothe the soul, bop to the rhythm, jive with juice and get creative though our senses. It was a festival that honored music and musicians. And it was a gift to our community.

This festival is a combination of two festivals that merged into the Bohemian Nights at New West Fest.

Music lineup at Oak St Stage at Bohemian Nights at NewWestFestThe Bohemian Foundation is a huge philanthropic organization based in Fort Collins, CO. The BohemianBohemian Nights at NewWestFest Foundation is a private family foundation that supports local, national, and global efforts to build strong communities. It was founded in 2001 by philanthropist Pat Stryker, Bohemian Foundation takes its name and inspiration from the bohemian movement of 19th century Europe. They focus on community, music, global and civic areas. Our community benefits through the grants they offer, the music venues they support and much, much more.

The festival brought musicians together with the community and it was an amazing reunion.

Read on:

Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest lineup

Pat Stryker


Road Tripping

Time to see family via my van – so off to the west I head. Towards the heat. Towards the smoke in the air due to California fires. Toward my family. I enjoy the 15 hour trip with an overnight in any state except Utah. Books on tape. Music on cd. Silence and beauty. It’s what you make it.

The first day of the trip was odd because I reached my destination but it was only 4pm. There was no way I could stop because it was 95 degrees and no place to go to get cool. I ended up driving 3 more hours and knew I could keep going but my eyes were burning from getting up so early. And the smoke in the air was intense.

It was an easy-peasy drive. In another day or two I will travel back the same way I came. I will be sure to drive all the way through Utah and into WY before I rest my weary head.

The photos show the salt fields that I passed along the way. Miles and miles of salt. And the air is filled with smoke from the California fires. It looked like dusk but the time was about 2:00 pm.

Road Trip to Carson City, NV




2018 California Fire Map

Carr Fire is tearing through Northern California








Moose Country in Colorado

I spent a weekend with friends in Grand Lake, Colorado recently and each day I was there I saw a moose. Moose are really not all the attractive (IMO) but they are certainly majestic.

Within an hour of arriving, I spotted a massive moose munching away in a maze of bushes. I’ve learned to keep my distance from them and give them all the room they need.

The next morning, a young moose made his way to the lake right in front of our lodging. These moose are used to being around humans but that doesn’t make them less fierce. They are still wild animals in their own habitat.

Another time I was kayaking and came upon a moose napping on a lake-front lawn. This is their season to own the territory.  I know to keep my distance and back away slowly. I also know to keep animals away from moose especially when there is a calf nearby. A mother moose will not hesitate to charge the animal or the person holding the animal.

Moose were not always part of the landscape. In fact, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife … “In 1978, state wildlife experts transplanted 24 male and female moose from Wyoming and Utah to create a breeding population in North Park and provide hunting opportunities. Additional moose from Wyoming, Utah and Colorado’s own growing population were introduced to other areas of western Colorado over the years. The project succeeded in creating new hunting opportunities and a popular wildlife viewing option. The state legislature, in 1995, declared Walden the “Moose Viewing Capital of Colorado.”

Read the full article about Moose Reintroduction.

Playing cards … Just because!

Ever just want to goof off and play card games? I started a Euchre group in my area by contacting people via I asked if anyone was in a group and could use an extra player. Instead, I received tons of replies from people who want to join a group. So, I started one. (of course I did!)

The first meeting attendance was 5 married couples and me. Geesh! Aren’t single people allow to play? It was weird. Again, the odd woman out. I did enjoy playing and will wait to see how it unfolds. In the meantime, I found this online site that keeps me involved with playing a wide range of games.The creator “Bill” is great. Check it out if you need some downtime and want to keep the brain cells fired up.

Let me know if you have other favorite card playing sites.