Two Paddle Boards, One Kayak & Lightning

Paddle boarding on a hot summer night was the plan. The previous night was sublime. Calm water, setting sun, refreshing swim. This evening was a bit different. Three of us with 2 paddle boards and 1 kayak on the water. The air was warm and the water was oh so cool.

We located the perfect landing spot near a ton of flat rocks and shady cottonwood trees.  We watched the clouds roll in and on we talked. We watched a few drops turn into a rain storm. We watched storm clouds pass over us with bolts of lightning and obscene thunder. I suggested we build a paddle board house and create a wall and protect us from the sheets of rain coming at us. The cottonwood tree was swaying, lightning was sparking, rocks and boulders offered no protection and we were surrounded by water. We were in the perfect spot to die.

After 30 minutes or more we saw a letup the rain and the lightning had moved to the west but was still in full force. We hauled ass and hugged the shoreline, moved around the bend and paddled across the open water to the docks. Others were also moving at breakneck speed to get to land before the clouds changed course and returned to strike vengeance on us.

The only way out was to go through it. No cover, no protection, no mom or dad to rescue us. So, we laughed when the rain came down harder. We laughed at our stupidity and how angry we’d be if our kids did something so reckless. As we maneuvered back to the shore, we giggled more. We laughed out of relief because we fooled mother nature. We laughed because it was too foolish to cry.


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